Lucy Hart is counting down the days till Graduation, so she can escape her small Queensland fishing hamlet home; Digger's Landing. As Graduation nears, Lucy's plans begin to falter. Her best friend Polly is dropping out of school to help pay the bills, and Tom has been sent away to boarding school, and then there is the fact that Lucy has started dream walking.

I honestly don't know how I feel about this book.

The writing was beautiful albeit a bit slow for my liking. The dream sequences were so beautifully written, they had an almost cinematic quality about them.

There was a nice array of diverse characters to get to know, with different yet similar mindsets and voices to experience.

The story itself was interesting, seeing Lucy become more open-minded and start to see things through more adult eyes was a lovely thing to read about.

With all off these great qualities im still perplexed as to why I didn't love this book.

I had trouble connecting with Lucy, and I think that made it difficult to really care about what was going on. I was disappointed with the character of Tom also. 'The Accident' kept getting brought up but was never delved into and I felt his character had so many more layers to be explored, but was just rushed out of the story.

I think this book has a lot of great elements that readers will definitely fall in love with, but for me there were just too many little issues that turned me off.

Even though I didn't love this book I genuine think it is worth the read.

The Dream Walker by Victoria Carless is a beautiful and sometimes dark coming off age story that will hook many readers.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker