In your everyday life, you would be faced with challenges just like trees blocking the path of your progress that require being cut down to signify your overcoming them, in order to make advancements. Whether in the home within the Family, within relationships, on the job doing business, in the Church, or during the course of doing your wonderful life's work, which may reach into areas like art, fashion, sports, entertainment and even ministry, every individual has the potentials as an axe to overcome every form of challenge and move on to that point of greatness. But, your effectiveness at felling those trees of challenges is determined by how sharp your axe is. Identify the axe in your life and take on the responsibility of sharpening it. No one else can do it for you. Refine your life by giving yourself a cutting edge! Sharpen your axe through books with knowledge, through practice and repetition, training and any other means of personal development. God bless you! Check out for more articles.

Published by Martins Akhems