The Fosters: Highs & Lows

The Fosters: Highs & Lows

The Fosters returned with quite a messy episode, where everyone's issues are literally bleeding all over the place. I wish Jesus got more screen time in an episode, where he literally has a nail impaled in his head. In Jesus nature, he decides to cover for his birth father who has been absent in helping fix up the garage. Throughout the episode, he complains about a headache, but he divulges everything to Emma. Emma and Jesus have another great moment, but I really wanted Emma to tell Jesus herself and not have Mariana say it in the end of the episode. Overall, I wished the episode focused on Jesus more rather than some of the other characters, such as Callie and Brandon.

Man, these two annoyed me. So Callie gets caught with AJ while Mike and Brandon come home and the awkwardness is tangible as Brandon hides her bra in her backpack. That was so weird. Callie's plot then shifts over to Kyle's case as Callie continues to obsess over his case. Callie becomes pissed when she learns the Justice Center won't take his case, so Callie thinks it would be smart to loudly yell at Patrick about his deal with the cops. Callie's intentions are in the right place, but this was a bit much even for her. Patrick them makes a mysterious phone call.

Callie continues to be self-righteous when she discovers that Jude has been smoking pot. The scene with the dealer was so hilarious. Jude has no idea what he's doing, and it's all new for him, which is why the storyline has its endearing moments. I totally agree that Jude shouldn't have done it so carelessly. Did he not realize he would smell after? But Callie was so ridiculous when she told Noah and his mother. That's literally none of Callie's business. Honestly, that's more embarrassing than telling the parents, especially because it'll affect Jude and Noah's relationship.  

Brandon takes care of Mason for a majority of the episode and leaves Cortney to have a real talking to by Mike. Mike is a sweetheart so of course he isn't quite as stern as Lena and and Stef have been, but he does explain to her that she should convince Brandon to move home. And I have to admit, I actually didn't mind how honest and self-aware Cortney was of the Brandon and Callie situation. And Mike is always the last to know of everything with the family.

Mariana starts taking Jesus's medication to stay awake to show up the robotics boys, and she tells Emma. I love Mariana and Emma's friendship, but I have a feeling it'll be tested if Mariana continues to pop pills. Nick is mentioned here and there as well, as a reminder of why Mariana is stressed.

Additionally, Stef and Lena share the news that they're selling the house in my favorite scene of the episode. Jude is on drugs. Mariana is on drugs. Callie is on edge because Jude is on drugs. Mason is running around like a lunatic. And Jesus has a nail in his head. The whole thing proved how terrible the timing was, but it made the episode that much more enjoyable.

Overall, I'm gonna give the episode a C+ because Brandon and Callie were super annoying in their plots, which were front and center in an episode that should've focused on Jesus for once. Also, there were so many plots happening at once. It all felt a bit all over the place. Anyway, that's it for the episode. Tune in next week, where we get more of Mariana flipping out and Callie being Super Callie. 

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