The Fosters Review: Forty

The Fosters Review: Forty

The Fosters returned with a fun episode, where I cringed about forty times during Lena's fortieth birthday party, which I mean, if they are having struggles, how the heck did they afford this lavish party? I mean they had a glitzy sign that said Lena's 40th. But whatever, it's a television show, and the party did allow us to see some hilarious costumes. I mean, Jesus and Brandon were so funny. Any excuse to bring out a themed party where everyone is in one setting is pure television gold. 

Emma and Mariana have a great storyline, where they are challenged to build the best robot in their STEM class. Of course, the Emma and Mariana relationship is amazing because they're strong independent women, and we've seen them deal with that in the past when Emma was hesitant to join the dance team. Now, we're getting an interesting story, where their feminism is challenged by that dumb punk who said they played the "girl card." I would've punched that kid. It's a great plot because radical feminism has always been a reason why people go against it. From the guy's perspective, Emma and Mariana were trying to go against them, while Mariana was just claiming what was rightfully theirs.

I'm excited to see the rest of the story unfold as Mariana has proven she's a force to be reckon with and a great role model for young females. We also see elements of Jesus when he helps the girls build the robot. Emma tells Jesus she wants to tutor him, which instantly reminded me of when Emma was super controlling toward Jesus when they first started dating. Jesus took it as Emma thinking he's only good for one thing, and thus, Jesus ends their little friends with benefits deal. Clearly, his feelings got somewhat hurt, but his sister helps his ego when she says he should join STEM.

Mariana meanwhile has a great moment with her mom, as Ana reveals she's dating Mike. It's a super sweet moment because Mike has always been a great father figure in the children's lives. I was so happy for Mike when he said he loved Ana too. Gabe's presence was so funny, especially in his entrance. Plus he was dancing with Monty, which was hysterical to see all of the adults in a lighthearted setting.

Jude was also back for the episode, and I'm loving his friendship with Taylor. She's such a little boss for trying to set up Jude and Noah together. Anyway, she lets the cat out of the bag that Connor was coming home and that makes Jude look at Connor's Facebook like any normal ex. However, things get interesting when Jude posts the photo and then changes his relationship status. Oh Jude, it's all so new to him, so of course he's trying to show Connor that he's moved on. I did love Noah's reaction to Jude's mess. He was pretty playful about the whole situation, and I'm kind of loving them together. That last scene with them was so freaking adorable.

Callie continues to be Super Callie when she goes to visit Kyle. His story seemed irrelevant compared to the tension between Aaron and Callie. I like Aaron, but I adore Callie and AJ right now so he needs to know his place. Luckily, AJ didn't hear Stef calling out Aaron for their little motorcycle adventure.

Cortney got a real talking to by Lena's mother when Stef finds out Brandon's been paying for her bills. She was so upfront about the whole ordeal. It was amazing. Then Cortney talked to Brandon briefly, but it becomes apparent to Lena and Stef that Cortney is manipulating him. Brandon doesn't do himself any favors when he takes the SAT for another student so he can make extra cash for Cortney's divorce. Along with the STEM plot, it's all just a setup for the upcoming episodes. And this has been boiling to a point, where it's gonna end in a trainwreck.

Lena also got her parent's return, and it was pretty intense with her mom thinking it was an affair, when really, it was trouble with the IRA. It's pretty ridiculous for him to suggest Lena and Stef pay the expenses when they have five kids and that lavish party to pay for. The plot was a little anti-climatic for me because for some reason, I immediately lost interest once I knew the situation. I mean, the set for the Foster's house is so iconic. There's no way they're going to lose the house in my opinion.

Overall, the episode was a great setup for future storylines. I'm excited for the next episode with Jesus and Mariana because their brother sister dynamic has been so strong with the addition of Noah Centineo. Also, I've always got a soft spot for Jude, so I'm stoked he has a new love interest. I'm gonna go ahead and give the episode a solid A- because it had a nice buildup for the next few episodes. Tune in next week for another crazy episode.

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