The Fosters Review: Justify

The Fosters Review: Justify

The Fosters had an interesting episode, where all the characters had their emotions all over the place, and it affected other storylines. So Stef and Lena are selling the house? For real. Realistically speaking, I can't imagine the show without the set simple because it's so iconic. Additionally, I think the main plot point focused on Lena's feelings toward her parents. Stef took a backseat to being the bad cop, as Lena became an intricate part of both Callie and Brandon's stories.

Brandon tries to fix the SAT situation when Lena finds out about the whole ordeal. My only issue is how did Lena grow that suspicious that quickly? I mean Brandon is applying to more than one school hopefully, and so I would assume he's taking it just in case he attends another school. Anyway, Lena was beyond pissed, and it was great to see Lena point out how reckless Brandon has been. The episode concludes with Cortney selling her surfing gear for Brandon.

Callie finally gets some reasoning behind why she's been Super Callie lately. With the senior project, Callie bravely decided to do the seven homes, but quickly tries to get into other people's business to avoid her own issues. I loved the scene where Lena lashes out once again and tells Callie to stop changing her mind. Aaron who reveals he's transgender chimes in about Callie's past and helps her cope. Before the episode ends, we see Callie and AJ have some fun with water balloons and realize that Callie isn't giving up on Kyle.

Mariana and Emma bleed their feelings all over this episode. While Mariana is on edge about Nick, she explains to the rest of the STEAM club that bitches get things done. Mariana shows that she's a boss constantly, but she gets a little carried away and makes the other guys with the exception of Jesus quit.

Meanwhile, as Jesus and Emma spy on Nick and Mariana, they have one of my favorite couple moments on the show. They've always been a very hot and cold pair following their breakup, but we finally get some clarity. Jesus feels like he's not good enough for Emma, and she feels like Jesus didn't treat her good when they were together. The scene was so great for these two. Emma's line on why she can't be with Jesus was so telling. I loved that she admitted that he broke her heart and that's why they can't be together. Their chemistry tied into the most honest conversation they've had made for one of my favorite moments from the episode.

Another great moment came from the light-hearted budding relationship between Noah and Jude. These two also have great chemistry, but it just seems so much more fun and easy compared to the Jonnor relationship. Anyway, the main plot was actually a curious Jude exploring the idea of smoking pot. I LOVE that Brandon and Jude had a sweet little scene where we're reminded that Brandon did try it once with Lou and Matt way back in their song writing days.  The scene where Jude says he's not ready was so funny, and the scene after that where the Po Po, Stef, walks in is even funnier. Their first kiss was also sweet, but we don't get closure on the plot as Jude takes his midterms with a little extra help to calm his nerves.

So overall, I'm gonna give the episode a B+ because we got some really good scenes with Jesus and Jude's storylines and little more clarity on Callie's plot. However, I wanted more regarding Mariana's story and the STEAM plot in general. Hopefully, Mariana makes a comeback in next week's episode. For more regarding the fashion from the episode, check out my blog: 

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