The Fosters Review: Trust

The Fosters Review: Trust

The Fosters returned last night with a solid episode following the intense Nick arc. The underlying issue of the shooting loomed the episode as Lena and Monty dealt with the repercussions. Mariana seemed really strong until those awful girls began slut-shaming her. They blamed her for the shooting, which was ridiculous and led to her distancing herself from Matt. Mariana continues to be my spirit animal as she stands up for herself at the assembly. What she said was amazing. I can't believe how articulate she can be when she stands up for herself. She shut those girls up real fast. The scene with Jesus was also sweet. Cierra and Noah have great chemistry as siblings, and they continue to show that in this season.

Meanwhile, Jesus and Emma have a friends with benefits deal. No, I believe they said friends with benefits without any other friends with benefits. Emma has always been a smart character, and I appreciated that she brought up the fact that they both needed to be tested. It just goes to show that these types of situations can be complicated even though they're not supposed to be. The look on Jesus's face when she said they were exclusive was priceless. He clearly likes her a lot, and Jesus has always been a player, so it's nice to get a different side to him.

Callie becomes reckless in this episode, and she goes on an adventure with a law student. Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of him, but I did like the idea that Callie went on her excursion because she feared the reversal of her adoption. Also, I totally forgot Callie was dating AJ in this episode, which is sad because there was once a time I really rooted for him and Callie as a couple. I mean they have great chemistry, but the writers are clearly pushing for Brandon and Callie. Also, how sneaky was it when we returned to Callie, Lena and Stef and they were wearing the same clothes as in Callie's dream. 

Jude and Taylor continue their relationship, but Taylor is a lot smarter than I thought. She slyly got Jude to meet Noah, and I liked her a lot more for being that self-aware. I have to say it. Noah looks a lot like Connor, so it's clear he has a type. But whatever, I was rooting for Jude the entire episode, and I hope he can move on from Connor and Jack.

In other news, Brandon takes on too much when he agrees to watch Courtney's kid. Courtney has always given me bad vibes because I know she'll eventually have Brandon taking on more and more responsibility. I love that Stef took away Brandon's car. Brandon has been using this "adult" excuse all season, and I'm glad Stef finally decided to show him what it really means to be an adult.

Overall, it was a great episode, and I'm excited for the return of Nick next week. I'm giving this episode an A- because I didn't love the Callie's and Brandon's storylines, but I did enjoy the other plots.

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