Today on Instagram, I have been seeing posts by David Rock and Gary Vaynerchuck about death and the regret before death.

A quote struck me:


Nothing can be truer than that.

All of us will have to die one day, no matter how much we try to escape death, death will always come for us. However, I believe that we can make use of that fear as a motivator. Some may argue that it might even be the greatest motivator.

To understand and accept that we will die one day can motivate us to do great things, especially things that are related to our legacy. As much as we hate to admit it, we seek to be remembered, either through the heroic acts we do such as that of the legendary warrior, Achilles or through the kind acts towards our community. We want to be remembered and that fear of being forgotten after death happens can motivate us to exceed our potential and build great things.

Use it, form it, manipulate it to become a motivator and not just another fear.

Published by Mohamad Hakim