The Impact of Web Push Notification on SEO

The Impact of Web Push Notification on SEO

Jun 14, 2018, 2:55:04 PM Business

It is common knowledge that a loyal customer base is the main driving for making money online. Your customers have to trust you with the quality of contents and the kind of services you offer. That should be the main reason why they prefer your site over hundreds others providing the same services online. If you happen to see your site visitors coming back time to time, then it means they are noticing your brand and they are eager to read your contents. The most important thing here is that they trust your brand and they have a keen interest in what you offer. What this means for your site is that you will get repeated website traffic, more leads and more importantly a better conversation. Search engine optimization is one of the things that most website owners always keep in mind when they are publishing their contents. It helps to increase your rank on Google and ensure that your website traffic can see your contents.

When we talk about Web Push Notifications then we are talking about a feature that is specifically important on two key things-Repeat traffic and database. Push notifications on internet will help you achieve the above two things and make your website profitable to you. It will help you get two databases, one for the desktop and the other one for the mobile users. Web push notifications are available for web users on desktop via Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For mobile users, web push notifications are only available on Chrome. All what is required in this situation is for the users to subscribe by simply allowing or blocking notifications on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

The other good thing that you will get from Web push notifications is a couple of repeated buyers. Web Push Notifications attract a much higher response rate because they appear directly on the device. They attract a higher response rate of up to 18 percent than compared to emails. Although we usually concentrate on the Search Engine Optimization, we have no guarantees that after your web visitors see your contents they will come back. In case they don’t, that doesn’t mean they are no longer interested, most of the time they just forget.

With the above two things in mind, now think of it like this, what if there was a tool that will help you rank higher and at the same time making your website traffic remember you next time they are online? What if your visitors had a way of knowing that there is new content in your website that they can check and get what they want to know? The good news is that there is that tool, only that majority of people out there don’t know what it is! Before we continue with the benefits that you can get from Web Push Notifications, we have to better understand this tool.

What is Web Push Notifications?

 I can bet you know what notifications are and I am sure you have ever received them from some of your trusted apps such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS kit, whatsapp and much more. They are especially for informing you that you have a new command or you have just received a new message. That is the same thing when we it comes to web push Notifications. You only have to allow Notifications and you will get timely updates from trusted websites through a Push Notification. As a website owner, you need to keep on updating your website and those customers who have opted in to get your notifications will get an immediate update that there is new content in your site that they have to check. This doesn’t mean that your website has to be open on the customers’ browser, they can get the notification directly when they put their mobile data on. In simple terms, Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that are sent to your website visitors on both the desktop and the mobile devices.

Although Web Push Notifications have been with us for a while, there are only two types of notifications that you have to look for.

  • Browser Push Notification

These are small alerts or announcements that are displayed on the browser while it is open. However, they only pop up if the user has given permission for them to do so. When the user enters the site, they are allowed a small page asking them if they would like to allow notifications on their browsers or not. If you choose to accept notifications, then you will end up getting timely updates on all the activities that go on in the specific site. Chrome is the most used browser worldwide. What this means is that you can send instant Chrome Push Notifications to your customers anytime you want. Your web visitors will have a chance to accept or deny notifications on their device.


  • Interactive Push Notifications

Apple introduced interactive notifications that let you take actions on those push notifications without interfering with the app that you are currently using. This is one of the main things that changed the way iPhone users interacted with apps on their device. Android also followed suit and introduced the same feature for the android users. This means that interactive Push Notifications are becoming increasingly popular and the main reason being they have immense benefits.

Reducing mail clutter

One of the reasons why many website users are turning to Web Push Notifications is because emails re cluttered. Sometimes I wonder whether people take time to read the huge bundle of emails in their inbox. The reality of the matter is that most people don’t take time to read emails. Just look at your inbox and see how many unread messages are there. I can bet you only log in to your email when you have an important mail that you want to check. There are just too many mails flocking our inboxes and sometimes it is our fault. We subscribe to so many things without thinking of the consequences of clutter. However, we cannot lay all the blame on ourselves, there are some people out there taking advantage of the loopholes in the mail universe. They are called spammers and most of them have no intention of communicating but just comfort themselves by sending irrelevant mails.

As a web owner, you want to get the attention of your visitors through all means but I can assure you that emails are the worst. With all the noises from interview emails, promotional emails, spam emails, and social emails, you will never be heard. This only proves that web push Notifications are the best ways of retaining your web traffic with ease.

Web Push Notifications offer real-time communication with your customers

This is one of the main reasons why web Push Notifications are important. If you own an ecommerce website, the speed of communication is increasingly being important due to the increasing competition. They allow you to serve time sensitive notifications every time you want to engage with the user. In some of the cases, you want to engage so fast with the customers and other times you want to run a short time promotion that you think your customers should know early enough. In case you planned to use the emails to communicate with the customers, then it may take a week before they get what you wanted to communicate.

They help you save money

Web Push Notifications are cheaper and easier to implement. You will see that they are cheaper than building your own company website where you can show case your contents. They can be as easy as setting up your email list.

They have an ultimate impact on the page views and session duration

The number of page views and sessions are other metrics that most of the website users focus on when measuring their SEO efforts. They are especially important in increasing the number of views and sessions durations as compared to other user-engagement platforms. The average time taken when using Web Push Notifications is much higher than when using other platforms.

Bounce back rate

When the rate of bounce back for a leading coupon site is analyzed, it can be concluded that the amount of traffic generated from channels such as Push Notifications and Emails performs better. Some of the online stores such as Koovs saw a 12 percent drop in the bounce back rate for that traffic that they engaged from web push notifications as compared to other platforms.

Why Web Push Notifications?

For simplicity, just know that Web Push Notification is the only feature that is available in the market for web owners to increase the number of traffic on their site and at the same time reach out to them in a better way. This tool beats all the marketing tools available since it can at the same time increase your traffic and help you rank higher on Google. Web Push Notifications immediately attract the user’s attention and also lure them to log in to your site. For the same reason, they can simply pop up in the users browser and easily inform them of your new product, content or service that you think may be important for them to know.




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