Popularity cannot be totally devoid of fashion. Maybe this is why it is being said that how you dress goes a long way in determining how you're addressed. Dressing fashionably, however, sometimes comes with its cost. These days, LED shoes have gradually grown to become the latest fashion trend as more and more people all over are showing interest in them, particularly young people. We can accrue this popularity of LED shoes to several factors, but before then it's important to look into a brief history of LED shoes.

How It Started

For kids who grew up between the early and late 90s, LED shoes are no new fashion to them as they were being used to celebrate birthdays. Kids then, run around in these LED shoes stamping their feet on the ground to make the show of the sound their LED shoes produces. Getting kids these LED sneakers meant a lot to them back then.

The journey of shoes becoming LED shoes can be traced back to 1917 when the first rubber laced shoes was introduced. Prior to this introduction, shoes were uniform and less attractive with no clear distinction as to which should be for the left or right foot. By 1917 when these laced rubber shoes were introduced, they were introduced to be used mainly for athletic purposes, but people began using them for their everyday use because of how comfortable and attractive they were. In the 1970s and 80s, these sneakers become more refined, as more designs were being introduced to suit the working personality of Americans then. In the 1990s, sneakers had gain widespread popularity. Shoes were being customized to fit the shape of the wearer's feet. The year 1992 was the climax of it all as LED shoes finally hit the public.

The Popularity of LED shoes

Initially in 1992 when these LED shoes were introduced, they were mostly confined to, and purchased by kids alone. Today, LED shoes are beginning to gain increased popularity once again. This can be traced to the improvement in the design of LED shoes these days. Manufacturers now give LED shoes a more modern look than what it used to be in the 90s. They now come in simple matured designs with the LED covering the entire sole of the shoe instead of just the heel like it was when it was newly introduced.

Another factor responsible for the increasing popularity of LED shoes in modern times, is more and more parties are being governed and organized in the old school style which just some modern touch. Young people like to party and as such feel best to come in LED shoes to announce their presence and ensure they are the centre point of attraction.

The increasing popularity of LED shoes is clearly evident in its presence in offline and online stores across nations around the globe. On daily basis children, their parents, young and old people come into these stores to get a LED shoe. As much as people love new experiences associated with fashion, the popularity of LED shoes will remain on the increase. Most especially that they come handy at affordable prices.

Published by Emily Rose