When I was younger, I never used to snooze in the mornings - my alarm went off and that was it! I got out of bed!

Now, I'm not entirely sure when I started snoozing - at some point in uni maybe - but I do no one thing... It's the WORST thing I've EVER done! And, guess what? Now that I'm 'in it', I can't stop! It's ridiculous and I'm so fed up with myself because of it (it's not like snoozing gives me anything! If anything, it makes me more tired...). It's like my willpower to change it has been equal to a big fat ZERO in the past but, NO MORE - Snoozing is a losing game! (Take that as do,e Thursday-night-wisdom, folks!)

I must admit ONE good things come out of this though... I've definitely picked up some serious speed when it comes to getting ready in the mornings! Because, believe me, I'm definitely NOT one of those 'lucky' women who can just roll out of bed in the morning and be fresh-faced and ready to go... It takes a fairy godmother (also known as my inner zombie on autopilot) to sort me out - pillow prints an all! 

Published by Agnes G