I couldn’t see the ocean

When the mist was in the way

I couldn’t hear the voices

When the sky was overcast and grey


I couldn’t feel emotion

When your love, it fell away

I couldn’t sense the marigold

On, otherwise, a full, bright day


The ocean saw the voices

As the marigold, emotive, found

It blossomed in the sunshine

All day, in summer, all around


And as it bloomed in summer

Near the ocean, by the sea

Emotion heard the voices

And the voices talked to me


Come dance upon the ocean

Where the sun is glistening

Or wallow in self-pity

Cruelty, grief and jealousy


Symbolise the symphony

Marigold be herb of sun

Or symbolise the sullenness

And enjoy the company of one


As the voices then went silent

And the ocean moved away

I knew the choice was mine to make

Another word, I needn’t say

Published by Owen Tilley