"The Realest People Don't Have A Lot Of Friends..."

"The Realest People Don't Have A Lot Of Friends..."

Sep 8, 2016, 2:06:22 AM Life and Styles

A couple of years ago I probably would've agreed wholeheartedly with that statement. However, now, I can only agree with it to a certain extent. 

For some people, the statement may be true. But I'd like to think that one can be real AND have many friends. That it's more about mutual acceptance than 'fakeness' vs 'realness'. I admit that I have few close friends. However, that has more to do with my own trust issues. I guess, in some ways, it depends on what you would define as a 'real friend' vs just an 'acquaintance'.

I love getting to know new people - though I can find it quite draining sometimes - and I'd like to think I'm real with most people. I may not always say what I think but that's because there is no need. If someone wants my opinion I'll give it, but I'm not about to force my opinion on everyone around me. Do I disagree with people around me? -Of course I do! Does the fact that they have different opinions make them bad people? - Of course not! 

I guess what I'm 'getting at' is that: personally, I don't think having many friends makes you fake... There are just ways of being real that don't have to mean pushing people away away... And mutual 'acceptance' and the ability to 'agree to disagree' are definitely key...

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