I bet you all have fallen in love at least once in your lifetime. 

Love is something... unexplainable. We have our own definitions of love and we all have something to love in general. Whether it’s God, your parents, best friends, boyfriend, and even your job.

My question is,

How do you fall in love?

I mean... how? Do you choose who you’d fall in love with? How do you know that you love them?

Is it real, or is it just you repeating it in your mind just to feel like you’re really in love with them when you’re actually not?

In the context of God, parents and same sex best friends, I’m sure that we love them the most. We love them with our own ways. But when we’re talking about the opposite sex, how do you know?

I've had boyfriend. Had. So, where did all the love go?

Confusing, isn’t it? If love is that simple then probably the Beatles won’t write hundreds of legendary love songs. Probably, Shakespeare won’t write Romeo & Juliet and made it the most famous love story ever known.

But, what actually terrifies me the most about love is when you know that it’s real.

You know, sometimes when we don’t open our heart that easy--when we don’t even try--it’s because we fear that it could be real.

We fear that he might be that amazing guy you’ve always thought about. We fear that he might be the one in a million. That he might be the one that we’ve been trying so hard to look for.

We fear that he might be that incredible, extra ordinary, unforgettable guy you just couldn’t stop thinking about. Then we fear that he might not feel the same way. And that he might hurt you. And you just couldn’t take it. Because all of the “might”s have been real.

What would you do, then?


Published by Aulia Karima