Thoughtful Thursday: The Power of Sharing on Social Media

Thoughtful Thursday: The Power of Sharing on Social Media

This Thursday I'm pondering if all the bad and violent things in the world are partly fueled by us. What I mean is, what if by sharing all the awful things on social media we are perpetuating a cycle of awful things?
If that is the case, someone could theoretically start a movement to share only good things for a month no matter what happens. What could one month do to the Internet? What message could it send to people desperate for Internet notoriety? 
There are people that believe that doing good to get recognized is bad. That it's tainted with self-interest and therefore can't actually be good. I'd rather see someone doing good for an imperfect reason than someone committing mass genocide for attention.
The thing is, I'm not sure we can do it. Share only good posts, I mean. The world is addicted to stories of carnage and death. 
Don't think so?
I dare you to prove me wrong with your actions.

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