Being a Mobile App Development Company, you are likely to face challenges that embark

every now and then in the market virtues. Engrossing oneself on the board is the only

solution left out, in order to face new challenges.

Well, there are a lot of domains on which you are required to focus, but of them, that will

require an extra attention is the ap designing: well, yes it should be sleek and close to

excellence in case you are looking forward to build a bolstered image of your app.


While landing in this hyper-competitive marketplace, just remember that you get a single

opportunity for attracting the users. Thus, if you miss connecting with the users in the very

first impression, the probability of getting your app betrayed increases.

Therefore, it becomes very imperative to infuse seamless UI design standards to the app for

inclining the user.  While engineering the app, the businesses are not 100% aware of the

taste of the users and thus UI is only way out there to bring user on the app.


According to a report, it has been revealed that around 60% of the apps are not even

downloaded by the user, 20% of them are only used once, thus bad UI can be one of the

reasons behind your app failure, so, one must leverage all the UI trends and designing

tactics to conserve a favoramble position is the market spheres.


In this post, we will shed some light over some of the latest UI trends that can aid you to

lead the race in this hyper-competitive marketplace.


Interface with a seamless and flawless design

This is the top name on the list of UI trends. While Mobile App Development, surely you aim to deliver a world class experience to your audiences and therefore, it becomes imperative to proceed in the right direction.

Just remember to make the loading time of the page as low as possible and also ensure that it remains static of gets lower with the passage of days or months (or whenever your app is given an update)

It should be such that, the user must be able to access and read the content at the time he lands on the page.

Now you would say that is not something new, well yes, we agree but here, we would like to state that it is the only medium to maintain that continuation with the users and to compel them for using the app over the years.

Using the Illustrations that are Self-Explanatory

Well, we are living in a world where the content is no longer used for engaging the users. In the present arena, the method of illustration is picking up the rage and are intensely being used for amplifying the attributes and the functionalities of the app.

In the illustration part, you can go for selecting the storytelling concept while using the appropriate images and videos for making your app look quite convincing and appealing.

Furthermore, the designers can also use vibrant colors for delivering the unique display to the app and at the same time, it aids in delivering an interactive interaction to the user. 

Overlapping Impacts will dominate

The trends of overlapping and fusion will be in limelight in the foreseen year. Entrenching it, into the app will help in delivering an embellished look to the app.

The app designers can overlap the colors, texts, fonts etc for delivering a complete submersible experience to the users. 

The designers are already using this concept of overlapping at a wide scale. Furthermore, the overlapping of shadow is also gaining the traction in the niche of UI development.

Using the oversized images for Background

Well, as we are moving forward in the niche of UI trends, we are discovering more. Using the oversized or the full-size images is coming to the forefront and the designers are extensively using it to completely transform the look and feel of the app.

These pictures look extraordinary amazing on the app of all the categories. Thus, once you get successful in bringing the users over the app, these images, if embedded in the right way, will work great in keeping the users engaged and engrossed.

Remember the Opacity

Opacity can be described as the most crucial asset for bolstering the overall user interface. It aids in elevating the transparency standards of the app and delivers a vibrant feel of the app segments.

It helps in making the all the app color look separate and dynamic plus opacity also helps in designing the app logo and focuses on producing the justified conclusion at the end.

Mixed dynamic colors

Almost all of us know about the role of colors that they play while designing the mobile app. They can be defined as the remarkable tool for attracting the users and are strong enough to rekindle the overall architecture of the app.

The combination of colors, images and hues play a great role in grabbing the attention of the users. It helps in delivering a humorous feel into the users while they are on the app and assists in building an emotional attachment.

You can consider big players such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc and the other apps are ruling the market. So, what they all do to keep the users attuned to the app is, they keep on modifying the color combination of their apps that can go with the dynamic mood of the users. Well, we assume, that you can now able to identify the domain in which you are lacking.

Development of Customized based Illustration and Interfaces

The development of a customized interface and illustration take a major shape in the year 2019. In the niche of UI development, the illustration helps in making the top-notch hand drawings in various shapes and styles.

The aforementioned concept aid in making the overall look of the app more appealing and assist in delivering a distinguishing identity to the app.

The Voice assistant interfaces

Voice assistants have already gained a major traction and they will take an impressive shape in the upcoming year. Just like the Siri, the users will have to register themselves the mobile app and with the aid of voice itself, the task will be executed.

Functional Animations will fetch momentum

From the past years, animations are forming an indispensable part UI development process.

In the upcoming year, the designers will give more stress over the concept of functional animations in order to deliver a captivating look to the fonts and the visibility of the app.

In this niche, soon we will witness some of the nice forms of micro associations, building simple and decent pattern etc and will be witnessing them to dominate in the upcoming times.

Say No to buttons

Well, it’s hard to imagine a user interface without a button. In this dynamically changing scenario, we will do the things that are not only hard to imagine but are beyond imagination.

In the year 2019, we are going to develop a user interface with absolutely no buttons, strange, no? The best example in this niche is Instagram, well it does not have any button for changing the stories.

The aforementioned UI trend is fetching an immense popularity day by day is now being implemented to plentiful of app solutions. For instance, this feature can be seen integrated with the plentiful of E-commerce apps.

The users are just supposed to drag the selected items into the cart and can immediately proceed for check out. This concept is gaining a lot of popularity and the users are also highly embracing and loving the notion.


The Mobile App Development industry is undergoing a complete transformation with every passing day. A lot of modifications have embarked in the different domains, but UI trends can be outlined as the top one to keep an eye on.

The app designers are required to tie up their laces in order to gear up for designing the mobile apps and to produce them in such a way that they are able to stand ahead in this hyper competitive market place.



Published by Mohsin Ahsan