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Hello Bangkok once more. Finally made a trip back to Bangkok since my Birthday trip in January earlier this year. Bangkok is a place I will never get sick with and making effort to go back at least twice a year. 


This trip I traveled with Thai Airway instead of my usual budget airlines. Tiger airline is selling the ticket at S$300 with 20kg of check in while Thai Airway selling S$350 with 30kg of check in. Paying S$50 more seem to be more worthwhile. 


Checking in for an early morning flight is pretty challenging. My flight takes off at 7.40am hence I need to be at the airport around 5.40am. 

Finally board my flight and I was lucky that no one sat beside me and I have more leg space. 



Breakfast served onboard! Good thing I have that cause I had a very late lunch since I already booked my appointment for eyelash extension at Siam Paragon. 



Time passed fast when you seem to have entertainment on board. Watched 10 Cloverfield and oh well! lousy movie haha! 


Okay clearance was fast. I waited for about 10 minutes before I can collect my luggage. Took a cab with meter to get to my hotel, IBIS Nana Bangkok. Hotel location is a mere 5 minutes walk from Nana BTS and I paid only S$142 inclusive of hotel taxes for 3 nights. 


This the outdoor lounge which is only open at night. During the day, customer would use this as an official smoking area as all rooms in IBIS are non smoking rooms. 


My stay for the next 3 days. Small but cosy I would say and it's clean. 


Toilet wise is relatively small but for one person , it is good enough. 


IBIS Nana is also next to the famous Red Light District in Bangkok "Nana Plaza" I would say it is a man paradise but a woman pandora. Why pandora? All evil. Haha. 


So with a mere drop off with some of my belongings, I took the shuttle service of Tuk Tuk to Nana BTS. Shuttle service start from 8am each with 30 minutes interval and end at 4.30pm. After reaching BTS station got myself a one day BTS unlimited pass at 140Baht approx S$6 to get to Siam Paragon. 


I made an appointment with Nova lashes at Siam Paragon located at B1 next to the carpark door. I paid about approx S$130 and was greatly happy with the lashes that was fix on. But very unfortunately, I seem to developed an allergy that causes my red eye to buff up and itchy. It did however went after I came home and sadly to say the mink lashes didnt last long,after 2 weeks it just dropped. I checked the review before I went but perhaps it just didnt suit me. So I think I better stick to my usual peeps for this. 


After that, I head of to Chidlom station to get to Platinum mall to buy clothes as I didnt bring any. LOL. Before that, my late lunch. 



Hello! My first lunch is finally served at Central World The Terrance Restaurant. 



Red ruby drink. I honestly do not know what makes this up but just that the photo in the menu drawn me to it . So that's it. But it is too sweet for me hence, I didn't really enjoy much of this. 


Thai Red Curry Mee. And yes those crispy looking yellow are noodles that chef deep fried. It had chicken meat in it. It is exactly how our very own Singapore Curry Mee, Thai Red Curry Mee is slightly different. It is not as spicy although the color looks kinda scary. 


These are required to be added to your noodle for a better taste. I quite like the noodles. I will be back next time again for the same dish. 


Not forgetting, a SELFIE!



With lunch full, it is time to work my ass out. Head of for a long awaited shopping spree! And see what I found? 


Freshly squeeze orange juice ! 


Luckier than that. The shelter linking to Platinum mall & Central World is ready! Hooray! No more burning underneath the sun. 


My new walk to Platinum mall. 


It may not be air conditional but this shelter is good enough. The old walks was terrible. It was hot and dusty when heavy vehicle moved by. 



Can tell from my face I am enjoying this walk. 


From Chidlom station to Platinum Mall, the walking distance is close to 3km. I suggest if traveling with elderly, have a stopover at Central World which I did, have some dessert or lunch and continue, they may not feel so tedious. Besides, Central World has a After You Dessert outlet, so why not ? :) 


So shopping begins and VERY sorry no photos as I am too busy with my hands and eyes shopping. Stay for like 3 hours, bought some clothes and shoes before heading back to hotel to meet a friend who is happen to be at Bangkok for business for dinner. But before I go, ice cream! 


This is call Berry Angel selling at 80baht at a mini ice cream van right outside starbucks! After that, took a tuk tuk back and head for nice shower before dinner at Sukuvmit Soi 38. 


Take a BTS to Thong Lor and you will reach where you need to! 


This is where we had our dinner. No fanciful restaurant just a rather local eating place. 


Wanton mee at 60baht. And look out for those crab meat! slurps! 


Not forgetting the most popular mango sticky rice at Soi 38. It definitely worth the trip. 


After the dinner we had a short walk before meeting a friend of my friend who also happened to be in Bangkok at Terminal 21. So I suggested, let's have another round of dessert at "After You"


Pink lemonade. Woo, I will order this again. Super liking. Not forgetting my BAE.


Shibuya toast. This is always must eat when I visit Bangkok. If I miss it, i will go home with regrets. After You dessert have several outlets in the tourist area or central. It is conveniently found. We spend some time chatting until it was time to go. But apparently, it was a thunderstorm night and I can't walk back to my hotel.So stuck at Terminal 21 till almost midnight as being chased out by the security the guards. This ended my day 1 and so keen to look forward day 2 to get over to MBK to have my traditional Thai costume shoots. 


Day2 begin as early as 6am for my breakfast. 



The breakfast buffet spread is fabulous! 


There are toast, soy bean milk, pancake, fried egg. hard boiled eggs, omelette, steam rice, fried rice, fried noodles, chicken, fish vegetables, buns, dim sum, sausages, ham, salad, cereal & fruits. Even for the fish & vegetables, they have at 2 different types at one time. Fruit juice, tea, coffee all on the spread. 


Cafe itself is also spacious and comfortable. 




Here you go, my spread, my choice.



I headed back for a short rest and shower before leaving the hotel for my new day. 



 my OOTD from Platinum mall which cost approx S$8. 


Headed of the my massage place.Asia Herb Association which is just 3 minutes from my hotel. 



This place is cheaper than Healthland. I also preferred this place compared to Healthland as the skills is better. 


All you need to do is sign up for a free membership and get to enjoy 5% immediately for each service you chose. They have several outlets and 2 in Cambodia, which you can also use your card as well. 


Place is neat, clean and utmost calming just want you need. Healthland is becoming a hot tourist spot and over here at least I feel it is really like a chill off place. 




All the rooms has a designated shower room inside. During the membership signup, there is a part which indicate your preference if you wished to opt for shower, if yes, before or after the massage. Then they will accordingly to each preference to assist. I enjoyed as I indicate my shoulder and neck issue and during the massage I was really well taken care of at this specific area. 



Looking fresher after the massage. 


I took 1.5 hours for the massage and paid around S$60 which is definitely worthwhile. Thereafter, MBK here I come for my makeover. 


Here are some photos. 





The photo studio is located on the 2nd floor of MBK and it is somewhere near Watson. I paid S$100 with 6 pieces of hard copies and balance in a CD Rom. I find myself not me. But it is a good try anyway. 


I took about an hour to have all these done and photo is only available to collect on the following day. I suggest to those who wished to do the shoots to do it early. 


Lunch was served at MBK and this is the most expensive meal I paid for . 


Grilled cod fish! It cost approx S$23 but it was good.  With stomach filled up, it time to shop. 


This is the reason why it is call beauty buffet. There are many range of skincare product available. I had started to use some of them on daily basis and it definitely works and worth recommending. The fruity scrub and mask are really good. My skin start to glow after a week after using it daily. 


And take a look of my heavy make up!



After the shooting and weighing tons I took a cab back to hotel , took a shower and rest. I was really very exhausted. 




I had this tom yum across my hotel too that cost about S$6. 2nd night was gloomy as well, to avoid the same "stranded situation" I decided to be good to stay in hotel for an early night rest. I am terribly tired and was lacking of sleep for last 2 days so I was dropped dead by 9am. 


Last day breakfast I went over to Pratunam Soi 19 for the wanton mee. Each bowl selling at 100Baht and comparing to the one at Sukuvmit Soi 38 of 60Baht a bowl, this is definitely more costly. They are famous for their pig trotter rice and if you really love pig trotter, you should try. 


My usual order is 2 bowls cause it is quite a small portion actually but for this time it seem to be a bigger bowl and I have this stuffed till later noon. I even missed my lunch cause I am still feeling full from it. 


Looks good isnt it? I bet it taste better! But I am not a fan so I rather stay to my wanton mee and I think this is already good enough. 


Soi 19 Wanton Mee stall is not hard to find at all. It is just right across Platinum Mall, once you cross over the overhead bridge from Platinum , turn left and it is the first alley you need to turn it. After 3 minutes walk you see the stall. Stall open from 9am to 6pm daily. Queue start as early as 8.30am. If you are travelling in a group can take turn to queue just make sure all of your friends return as the lady host only do seating when everyone is here. Else, you got to queue again. 


After the heavy breakfast, I went to shop around Pratunam but this time I only bought 3 tight fit dress from this market. They had refused to allow let me mix the item with the same pricing which it was allowed in the past. So I decided to go back to Platinum  mall again to carry on my shopping. 


Gotten some sneakers and flats for work and thereafter head off to MBK to collect my photos. Before that...



Today flavor Coconut. Refreshing enough for me to walk to Siam BTS in order to get to National Stadium stop. 


After collecting my photos, I went back to beauty buffet to pick up a few more of body scrub before leaving. As breakfast is still piling in my tummy , I had this mangoes and coconut dessert! 


Definitely it was good but portion was too huge for me and I didnt finish at all. Now, I am kinda of missing it. 


After this, I head back to hotel as I have alot of packing to do for home tomorrow. Dinner was kept simple which I had across my hotel. 


Tom yum mushroom soup. 



The all time favourite papaya salad. 


I spend my night chilling out at my room and watching TVB drama. Holidays doesnt mean you need to outdoor all the time. The night weather had been unpredictable through my stay, I think it would be wiser if I just stay in....



Finally, homebound. 



Packed & ready to go. 


But first lunch near hotel first. Flight is at 4.25pm. I had arranged the transport to pick me at 1pm instead. Bangkok is always jammed doesn't matter what time of the day. So it is better to head off to airport earlier to wait. Beside the custom clearance takes at least 30 minutes during the peak so it is always wise to arrive Bangkok airport for check in 3 hours before instead but take note, this only applicable to normal carrier. Budget airline they don't normally allow base on my experience.



So till then, Bangkok... I will miss waking up to you. Those good deals and yummy food.




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