Trending Story - #Brexit

Trending Story - #Brexit

Hello everyone,

We are taking a break from the normally scheduled blogging to address an important announcement: #Brexit.

Yes, it is no longer just a fun word to say that sounds a bit unrealistic, both as a concept and an English language construction, but after a 52% to 48% vote, this is now our reality.

Leaving the European Union is not, however, as simple as voting “out.” If you open any newspaper this morning you will see many essays, articles, and opinions of the subject.

However, to give a quick summation, here are the highlights:

  • The BBC is posting that the “EU leaders have insisted that the UK must move swiftly to negotiate leaving the organisation, saying any delay would prolong uncertainty.
  • David Cameron has announced that he will step down as Prime Minister by October.
  • Not only that, but Scotland is calling for another referendum although just last year they voted to remain a part of the UK.
  • European leaders, who were all in favor of the UK staying, are now worried about the prospect of the Brexit sparking further referendums of EU membership.
  • The world stock market tumbled in reaction to this shocking news.
  • And Trump is lauding this decision as a great example of nationalism being “a great thing that’s happened…. [and] an amazing vote”

Europe’s decades of political stability has been profoundly shaken – with far-reaching consequences that no one can accurately predict.

One opinion on the effects of this decision is from Felix Salmon who says that, “In calling this vote, David Cameron has opened up a true Pandora’s Box. The forces of narrow-minded nationalism have tasted a major victory; they will want more, much more.”

What will this Pandora’s box insight? Well, now, we just have to wait and see.

Published by Jessi Devenyns

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