India was never on my list of country to visit however when my supervisor asked me if I could fly to India in 2 months, without hesitation I said a big “Yes”.


I research about India before heading off while my friends are stopping me to go but the brave and hungry of adventure me won’t stop from packing my bag.



It was a long flight going to India. From Cebu we took a flight going to Manila then Manila to Bangkok. The layover in Bangkok is really long but sure flying with Thai Airways is so comfortable. After 4 hours of layover in Bangkok we then took our flight to New Delhi and from New Delhi.

New Delhi’s new airport is clean, smells good and modern which was a big surprise.

From New Delhi we took another plane going to the Pink City which is in Jaipur.


India is a country where it’ll hit your senses with full force. The bright colors, the buzzing loud sounds, the smell and the heat.


India is a very big country though everyone in India always says that everything is near in which I totally disagree but sure you’ll see different things in India.



There are many things to see in India from do it yourself backpacking to the opposite end of the scale, flying from one city to city, experiencing the fairytale life and meeting new people from all walks of life.


I have visited four cities in India wherein they have it’s own unique taste of culture and history. There are still a lot of cities that I haven’t been to India due to lacking of time but sure ill come back to India.


So what are you waiting for?! Go list India and experience this beautiful country.

Published by Mari Car