Tznius police

A few days ago, I was reading quite a bit about tznius posters, rulers, stickers, editorials, complaints and the suchlike. I’ve drawn the conclusion that people are so crazy about tznius that they’ve forgotten the Torah prohibition on humiliating your fellow.

Don’t get me wrong. Tznius is really important (though not as important as any of the things on the Rebbe’s 10 point list- Torah, Kosher, Tzedekah, etc). Tznius is a mark of pride, and Jewish unity. But tznius loses all of its beauty and meaning when it’s forced upon women (and young girls) with demeaning posters and crude remarks.

What’s worrying is that in many Charedi magazines and adverts, girls as young as two or three have their faces blurred. For starters, I definitely don’t condone blurring women’s faces. The Rebbe definitely didn’t, and none of my rabbis would, either. It’s creepy, and demeaning, as well.

But when you do it to toddlers, it becomes more than creepy and demeaning. It’s a sign that some people are finding baby girls attractive, which, quite frankly, is disgusting. Coincidentally, that’s the very word R’ Falk uses to describe non tzniusdik clothes.

I think we need to take a very different approach to tznius if we don’t want to see more and more girls abandoning it. Let’s start by refusing to imply that toddler girls are attractive, and instead start focussing on how we can make tznius beautiful again.

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