For many of the entrepreneurs, company registration is a crucial milestone that needs to be achieved before implementing any marketing strategy.

If you aren’t able to get the right direction for your company registration, it’s better to opt UK company formation agent and get the entire registration process done seamlessly. Yet, while working with an agent, you commit some mistakes that can harm your business later on. So below, we are telling you about the most common mistakes to avoid.

Wrong Company Type Selection: During company registration, you will find two major options i.e., Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership. You can choose the one that offers the best future prospects for your business. To get more knowledge about the company type, ask your agent, and make wise decisions accordingly. In the United Kingdom, unless you have any special services, most people prefer company registration as a private limited company.

Small Typo Errors: When registering your Company and making it legal, it’s essential to consider every typo and correct them without any delay. The minor typos sometimes cause significant problems for your business. The most common typo error is the wrong spelling that can cause massive damage to your brand name. Alongside company name, also ensure you consider every single information submitted for typo errors.

Not Completing PSC Registration: PSC is the acronym of Persons of Significant control of the Company. After the new law was introduced in April 2016, the company registration process now includes listing the name of people who directly influence your Company. Under the PSC, you need to register the names of the person owning more than 25% of company shares. You should consult with your agent to find the right way of enlisting the names and how you can manage it.

Not Defining the Company’s Operational Format: Every Company needs to define the way it will work i.e., day-to-day basis, weekly basis, or any other. To mention this, you are required to choose the ‘Standard Article’ that better defines your business working format. Once registered, it will be tough to make changes in the future. Hence, make sure you choose the right “Standard Article” during company registration.

Skipping Shareholders: If you have shareholders in your Company, it’s essential to get them listed at the time of company registration. Skipping the names affect your business and can face legal actions for hiding crucial information. Following the step correctly will not only build better relations with the shareholders but also keep your Company secure from any unexpected legal actions.

Extra Tip: Above all, the most prominent mistake people make while company registration in the UK is neglecting the detailed registration process and attempting to register single-handed. Without proper assistance and guidance, it’s always tough to get your Company registered hassle-free. Also, working single-handed requires a considerable time investment that you can invest in business growth.

So, if you are registering your Company in the United Kingdom, make sure you never commit such mistakes and get 100% success in your company registration. 

Published by Derek Lotts