WarZone Quote: Remove Toxicity from your Interactions

Sometimes you can see someone's intentions or motives from one conversation—perhaps in the way they talk to you, the way they phrase their sentences and how much effort they put in having the conversation—or in the way they look at you and how much of themselves they choose to put into their comments, criticisms, and advice. What's scary, especially with strangers and even people you've known for a long time, is the malice that's behind the words of those people.  One phrase can make you feel worthless, some criticisms offend who you are and what you like to do, and suggestions turn into demands to change who you are to fit who they want you to be.  Whatever the circumstance, whatever the situation know how to identify genuineness and when someone has an agenda.  You deserve to have genuine friendships or any type of relationships.  You deserve to be able to freely make connections with people without the fear of ill intention or harm to your mental health.  Don't stick around if you see this type of verbal and emotional abuse.  Leave, just leave.  You are worth more than that. You are in control of those situations and interactions.      


Published by Nina Rondon


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