Good morning, beautiful!


What an amazing night of restful sleep packed with dreams!


I had dreams of an ex-boyfriend living with me. He wasn't using drugs anymore, but he was acting insane, and I saw firsthand that his mental illness was very much real. He had loaded my bathroom with all his stuff, and it was annoying me tremendously. Random.


I also experienced this spiritual parable of water. When we don't have spiritual practice, we are spiritually dry. When we work with a teacher, we can have rainbow water, but if we rely on a teacher too much, then our water runs dry too. We must generate sufficient water within ourselves through a personal spiritual practice. We must fill ourselves with the water of spirituality every day through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, acceptance, and love. It made a lot of sense half-asleep in the middle of the night…


This morning I laid in bed meditating for a while and came downstairs for humming meditation and silence. I am reaching ever-deeper layers of stillness and contentment. 


Physically, I felt weak and lethargic. I kept asking God for the strength to do what I must today.


I went to the laundromat and mustered sufficient energy to vacuum the house. Amazing what one can do so deep into a fast!


I also scored some more reverse osmosis water and took a joy ride around town, like in the old days. I used to drive my car all over Monroe and West Monroe instead of going to the Catholic church on Sundays, as my parents demanded. I found it much more peaceful and healing to listen to music and drive.


It was so gorgeous out that I had to be in the sunshine, even if only in my car. Soak it in. Especially after a week of foul weather. I trust that the beautiful days of spring and summer are a-coming!


Like yesterday, I brought the dogs to the nearby dog park, and sunbathed in the grass. The dogs were so happy to be in the yard. After a couple hours, I ran into the home owners association people who have no problem with me using the yard, even though it’s property owners only (of course). Southerners are very protective about private property, and I am grateful that they are ok with me bending the rules. Very cool. Honestly, I’ll probably only use it until the athletic club pool opens.


After sunbathing, I felt loopy and nauseous. Time to do an enema and shower!


In the late afternoon, I treated myself to a restorative yoga class. Beautiful practice. I felt relaxed and peaceful. I had positive thoughts and hope about my family situation. I have a feeling of serenity and inner peace, thanks to active participation and engagement in recovery. I am very, very hopeful that life will continue to improve!


Physically: I felt some tightness in my chest. This happened around this time (week 3) during my last extended fast. On the positive side, I am pleased to no longer have a dry, itchy, flaky scalp! I think it has to do with the fasting, but also with switching to J.R. Riggett’s shampoo bar soap. It’s amazing. I broke out mildly yesterday and today on my face. I think the sun is helping bring toxicity to the surface to be expelled through my skin.


In the evening, I skyped with my bestie in Australia. It was amazing to connect and catch up! She may come visit me and join me for an epic road trip to Woodstock Fruit festival! That would be unbelievably fun! We serve as mirrors for one another, living parallel lives loaded with synchronicities on the opposite sides of the world from one another. Boy, have we both come a long way along our journeys since we met in Hawaii last fall!


As always, the day ended with gratitude and yoga nidra. I am grateful for you, love!


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Published by Taylor Norris