Last night’s sleep was nourishing, and nothing short of amazing. I dreamt of cruising through the Far East with a friend from Asia. We were heading to Miami afterwards. It was Christmas break, and we had lots of time to travel and hang out. We shared a spacious cabin with two king beds with my friend’s mom and sister, Doo Woo.


This morning I awoke around 6:15, and lay in bed meditating until 7. I think it’s really important for me to maximize rest at this point in the fast. At 7, I was able to hop out of bed, get ready for work, and tend to the little ones. I also mixed myself a cup of HealthForce Intestinal Drawing Formula to take to work, as I believe it’s helping draw toxins out of my colon to be expelled through the enema.


Morning weigh in: 110.4, down another pound and 18.2 overall.


I had so much fun blogging and updating my website today. I was even inspired to send a newsletter announcing all my health coaching and guided cleanse opportunities! I am really excited to get the ball rolling. I had this flash of intuition that was like, “What am I waiting for?” I didn’t have any good answer to that question, so I stopped waiting and TOOK ACTION! It feels good to act in alignment with my goals and begin putting myself out there in a new way.


I went home and did an enema, and had a massive release. I really believe the HealthForce product is assisting with my colon cleansing, and plan to continue using it.


I’m feeling really good about meeting my dad after work. A little tiny bit nervous, but overall positive and hopeful. I think it will be healing and helpful for both of us!


I had a few sips of a Bragg’s ACV drink, and feel nauseous. No more!


I’m learning about positive psychology today, specifically the two forms of happiness and well-being: hedonic and eudaimonic. Hedonic is more general, as in the extent to which you feel happy and satisfied with life. Eudaimonic is specific to feeling like you’re growing and that your life has purpose, direction, and meaning. Both appear to be negatively related to depression and positively related to longevity.


In other words, high levels of both types of well-being are associated with low levels of depression and longer life expectancy. However, eudaimonic appears to have an immunoprotective and anti-inflammatory effect that hedonic happiness does not. Do you feel your life has a sense of meaning and purpose?


I know that in the past couple months I have obtained a greater level of eudaimonic well-being. I have progressed through the stages of grief for “what was” in the state of my family affairs. I have emerged from my loneliness and isolation through heart connection with like-minded others and working in 12-step programs. And, I have a renewed sense of purpose with my training in integrative nutrition health coaching, giving workshops on topics I’m passionate about, and getting the ball rolling in my health coaching practice. Having a sense of purpose and feeling the growth and healing underway has made a HUGE positive difference in my quality of life!


After work, I put my recovery into action. I met my dad at the local Cici’s Coffeeshop, and it went incredibly well. It was so good to see him and catch up. I was able to maintain calmness and serenity throughout our interaction and didn't feel needy or codependent at all! It really went as well as I could have possibly hoped! We talked about his upcoming wedding in June, and he already had me a room saved! Very sweet.  


I feel truly in acceptance of "what is" and healthfully detached from him and the choices he makes. I felt like an adult around him for the first time! I am so grateful to recovery, and I know I have come such a long way from December when I arrived here. 


Afterwards, I went to an Al-anon meeting and earned my six weeks or more chip! I've been seriously engaged in the program since January. What a difference it has made in my life! I shared about my experience with my dad tonight and how grateful I am for the love and belongingness I feel in the program. I am not an outsider looking in and memorizing recovery literature to appear engaged intellectually, but an insider participating in the fellowship, working the steps with a sponsor, being of service with regular attendance and sharing at meetings and conferences, and living the steps each and every day in my choices and actions! 


I am in bed now and feel exhausted! I will read some OA literature and hit the hay. I am also thinking of breaking the fast after 28 days. I don't feel afraid to start eating again, yippee! This is in stark contrast to how I felt in breaking my last fast. Clearly, I was not truly ready then… I trust that I can properly refeed this time and maintain a way of eating that works for me and gives me the results I want by working a program of recovery specific to food and emotional sobriety!


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