Water Fasting Series: Day 28: Toying with Temptation


Day 28! Alleluia! I have arrived!


I let myself sleep in until about 8am and laid in bed until 9am meditating in savasana. I listened to the sound of the rain and the thunder. No motivation to move.


After morning prayers in child’s pose, I slowly got ready and made my way downstairs to tend to the dogs.


I drove to the farmers market in West Monroe, hoping to check out the single vendor, but he wasn’t there. I stopped by the grocery store for water and a Mothers’ day card. I totally eyed the melons and thought about breaking my fast today, but I held on to my resolve to continue at least for today!


Back at home, I changed into some comfy clothes and lounged around, listening to the Food Revolution Summit with my eyes closed. Right now, I feel like I can keep fasting. It’s easy when I’m doing nothing and am able to relax. I feel like I can definitely make it through this weekend!


Midday, my stomach began to rumbled quite a bit. I drank 1 tbsp Intestinal Movement Formula to prepare for my enema. Physically, I feel extremely low energy, weak, and slow. I’m also a bit irritable, especially toward my dogs. I am experiencing a temporal lobe headache as well. Perhaps I need more water.


I went to the local health food store, and saw some friends there. I talked to a group of people about kombucha, and walked one lady through a troubleshooting with her own home-brew. I also connected with two others and exchanged information, so I can sell them SCOBYs and help them start their own home-brews! It’s always a good time at that place. I ended up getting a lime sparkling water just to fill my belly, and applied peppermint oil to my temples. I was sad to see there were no organic cucumbers left.


I still haven’t decided if I will break tomorrow or not. I am really tempted to break the fast at this point. Simply ready to have more energy to work out and enjoy myself a bit more.


I went to a friend’s house, and we shared a nice heart connection as always. We admired God all around us in the bird’s song and the trees and flowers. The house across from her place is for rent, so I will give the landlord a call soon! It’s really nice, and he owns three renovated properties that look pretty cool from the outside.


Later at the Al-Anon meeting, it was lovely to see all the friendly faces, heart connect, and share lots of hugs. The topic was prayer, and I shared how I use metta meditation to cultivate compassion for individuals in my life toward whom I am feeling massive amounts of resentment and anger. I can now imagine their faces, and truly feel love and compassion. I haven’t had the chance to practice the technique in-person, but I trust the opportunity will manifest according to God's will. Detachment is a beautiful state of being! The group was going to IHop afterwards, and I seriously considered it, but I didn't want to face temptation.


At home, I skyped my Aussie bestie. I felt like I needed someone to talk to so I wouldn’t cave in, plus she’s been going through some emotional turmoil. She is growing so much! I can't wait for her to visit this summer. I feel like we are in a similarly amazing place. Lots of positive things on the horizon and healing underway.


My stomach feels sick and upset, and I am experiencing acid reflux. The spiritual mission of my fast has been completed, so I feel it is in alignment to break it tomorrow.


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