What All To Look For When Hiring A Company Secretary For Your Business?

It takes more than just courage or a flawless business plan to be successful in the business industry. In such a castling business hub, you should expect that there are numbers of challenges which might cause you sidetracked from success.

Depending on the country you are operating from, you might be required by the law to employ a corporate secretary. Company secretaries basically carry out all the necessary compliance work such as keeping and maintain your books, storing and recording all certificates that are required by the government.

But in terms of hiring for your company secretary, you need to check out certain traits and qualities to ensure that you hire only the best person for the job. The company secretarial services lead the way in delivering company secretarial needs, leaving you free to focus on the prosperity of your business. Here are some of the essential qualities that they always look for:

·       Flair for cooperation and teamwork

·       An expert in crisis and time management

·       Trustworthy and honest in knowing when to disclose company matters

·       Outstanding independence, impartiality, and integrity

·       Ability to make sound and good judgment

·       Effective communication skills (from the board of directors to rank and file)

·       Commitment to the company

·       A keen eye for details

·       Excellent organizational skills

·       Good strategizing and planning skills

·       Experienced and always up to date in the appropriate organizational frameworks, policies, and strategies

·       Expertise in legal compliance and corporate governance

·       Years of experience in being a company secretary

Tips on Finding the Right Company Secretary

1.     Good Background

Hiring a bad company secretary can cause you too much trouble which might even lead to legal charges and imprisonment. So, when hiring for a company secretary, make sure that you run a thorough background check in order to endure the credibility of a potential company secretary. It would be a great help if you can ask them to have police checks and clearance.

2.     Get Expert Help

You can go and seek assistance from professionals who are expert in recruiting company secretaries. Goo company secretaries are not really new, so there are lots of Human Resource companies as well as recruitment agencies which can provide you with some assistance.

Work with a company that is based on your area so that they are fully aware of all the government requirements and rules.

3.     Ask For Referrals

Do not be afraid to ask people that you have down business with or worked with before. Let your partners, investors, and directors know that you are in need of a good company secretary. You can also ask some of your loyal clients, suppliers as well as close friends if they know someone eligible to be your company secretary.

4.     Consider Outsourcing

If all your personal and in-house efforts fail in looking for an effective company secretary, then it will not hurt you to try outsourcing.

There are companies which provide company secretary services that instead of hiring just a single person, you will be hiring another business which provides secretarial services.

It is just like hiring a consulting firm, only that they are added with certain responsibilities. It may seem costly, however, know that you are not only hiring a corporate services, but also getting an added service of business consultants.


Navigating through the complicated business industry can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner and do not have the expertise to manage legal and government policies. From the challenges of hiring new employees to understanding and managing strict regulatory requirements, it can be such a tough thing to keep pace with all that is needed to be met and completed.

Therefore, you should consider hiring the best company secretary in order to give you a helping hand to handle and manage administrative activities with efficiency and ease!



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