What Could be Coming to TV

The early choices for pilot season were pretty meh to me, but things may be looking up.

Spoiler TV is reporting that the unnamed Originals spinoff may have already been ordered to pilot.  With this, the Supernatural spinoff seeming likely, and reports that the network is really high on the Charmed reboot, it seems like the CW is holding onto the past when it should be looking to the future.  Only the Supernatural companion show seems like a decent idea, and I think just doing a show about a group of novice hunters in the same world is probably the worst idea for such a show.  I’d much rather see Illegal, Lady in the Mask, Paradise Lost, The Valiant and School for Psychics get a look instead of these.

Meanwhile, NBC is going back to the medical show well, sending Bellevue to the pilot.  I understand why medical shows keep getting the green light, but they are pretty much the only show’s that are automatic no’s from me.  The net is also going forward with The Village, a drama following the residents of an apartment building, a psychic cop drama called In Between Lives, and a spinoff of the Bad Boys film series.  NBC has also decided to run with what sounds like a Blacklist clone, the story of a former CIA agent turned traitor who is freed from jail in order to bring down criminals.  None of these really interest me, but I am pleased with the recent news that NBC is also going to run with their missing plane show, Manifest.  Hopefully ABC also picks up their missing plane show, so we can see how they both turn out.

Speaking of ABC, they’ve picked up a pilot about a singer trying to reconnect with her estranged family, while Fox has also picked up a music-themed drama.  ABC has also gone with the latest legal drama, and a comedic soap about the cutthroat world of cosmetics.  The Tracking Board reveals that ABC has also picked up Get Christie Love, a drama about a CIA agent starring Kylie Burnaby, who was recently on Fox’s Pitch.

CBS has made its first pickups, including a drama that will be set up like a true crime documentary.

Moving on from the broadcast networks, Freeform has picked up a couple of ambitious projects.  The first is a dystopian future where society has become divided into two classes, with the privileged people enjoying technological-biological enhancements while the lower class is becoming increasingly invisible.  The show will follow a Romeo & Juliet story, which gives me some bad flashbacks to Starcrossed on the CW.  The second show is a Cleopatra show, though there seems to be some significant skepticism about the network being able to pull this off.  Still, give the net credit for trying.

Not yet attached to any network, we have JJ Abrams original space drama, though the description sounds more like the Chronicles of Narnia than Star Wars or Star Trek.  The show will follow a family who is transported to another land where the people are locked in a war with an oppressive force.


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