What Exactly Manufactured Homes Are and How They Are Different

Right definition of factory build homes is not clear to many of the crowd entire world. Many types of structures and designs are built in the factory for long-term residency use. In case of manufactured or modular homes, different units are built in a factory then transported to the site and finally installed. Designs and pattern of these homes can be seen through the online sites like factoryhomesnw.com.

Here in this article, we will know about the different types of factory-built housings.  

Modular homes:
 These kinds of homes are majorly built to the state, local or region code where the home is to be located after entire investing. Modules of homes are transported and installed at the site provided.

Manufactured homes:
 These homes are entirely built in the factory space, transported to the given site and then finally installed under the surveillance of the government department of housing and urban development. This manufactured homes or prefabricated homes are coming into existence in the year 15th June 1976.As per federal standards regulation of manufactured housing design and construction, strength, durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficient and quality factors should be on a priority basis. The government has applied few guidelines under which these homes are manufactured where set performance standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems are denoted. Also as per customers’ requirement addition, the add-on can be done in the homes while installing them.

Pre-cut homes:
 This kind of homes is built in a factory where building material are factory cut to design required specifications, transported to the site which is investigated and then installed. These pre-cut homes include kit, log and dome homes. These homes must meet all the local, state or regional building codes as per government guidelines.

Panelized homes:
 These types of homes are built in factories where panel’s entire wall with windows, doors, wiring and outside siding are transported to the finalized site and assembled or installed. The homes must meet all the terms and conditions of the state, local building codes where they are suited.

Mobile homes:
 This term is also used for manufactured homes prior the year 15th June 1976 when government applied the new HUD-code went into effect.

Park Model/RV’s:
 These homes are not called as the manufactured homes as per the government guidelines. Also, they are not built under the department of housing and urban development and don’t even have the HUD or local building codes. They are even not eligible for conventional or FHA/VA loans whether they are on their own or not.

Here we end up the article. Now after reading this article it is quite clear about what you require and what you get. If you are planning to invest in these factory homes than make sure of from where you need this factory home and of which design and budget you follow. Never ignore the important parts to be followed before making a move to purchase these factory homes.

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