I have always wanted to have a blog. I actually had quite a couple of blogs over the years but i never shared my writings with anyone, promoted my blog or even took it too seriously for a variety of reasons.

  1. I was afraid i was not good enough. I was afraid people will not enjoy my writing but then i realized, i am not doing this for people, i am doing this for me.
  2. I always told myself i did not have time. I was always going on and on about how i do not have time to keep up with a blog because of my academics and other responsibilities but i realized it will only be a job for me if i make it seem like one. This is for fun, this is my safe space, my getaway, where i can share my life with like-minded people and share peace and love and happiness.
  3. I will not be able to get a hang of it anyways. I thought every blogging platform is so difficult but there are hundreds of tutorials online that can help with that and i searched and found the ones that were easy for me to follow.
  4. I wanted it to be perfect. I have no photography, graphic or editing skills so i did not want to share mediocre work with the world, being the perfectionist that i am, i wanted it to be perfect but then i realized that no work is perfect and i have to try now and again for a long time to come anywhere near perfection.

These were the main reasons why i kept making blogs and deleting them but this one right here is here to stay.

So what is a lifestyle blog you ask? I consider my self a lifestyle blogger because i blog about my life, my experiences, adventures etc. Lifestyle blogging is not like every other niche of blogging like pet based blogs, technology based blogs or career based blogs that focus on one particular category. Lifestyle blogging is a melting pot, a combination of different categories all in one, we have food blogging, faith blogging, fashion, relationships, career, travel, literature etc

Lifestyle blogging is amazing because you are not restricted, you can blog about everything and everything and that is why i want to spread love, unity, faith and happiness.

What do you think makes up a lifestyle blog? Leave your comments below, will love to hear from you and also visit my personal blog (Ayiiaishablog.wordpress.com).


Published by Aisha Nwandu