What is A Proxy Server-What are Its Uses?

What is A Proxy Server-What are Its Uses?

Jan 9, 2018, 10:30:15 PM Tech and Science

A proxy server is a server that is located between the user's computer and the internet. A proxy server can be used to register internet use or to block access to a website. With the firewall of the proxy server, certain websites or web pages are blocked for various reasons.

Proxy servers have the following functions:

Firewall and Content Filter:
Proxy servers are used as a security mechanism against websites that can be offensive or harmful to users or the network. ISPs or network administrators use proxy servers in an intranet environment to block access to such websites or to filter the content of requests for these websites.

Performance Improvement:
Web pages that are requested by hosts on the network are stored in the cache for a certain period of time. If a host requests the same web page, the page is not fetched from the content provider, but the page is used in the cache. This makes web pages open faster.
A Proxy server is a hardware or software system that functions as an intermediary between an endpoint (PC, smartphone, server, tablet) and another server that requests the endpoint services.

Definition of Proxy Server
Proxy server - A security (firewall) between the own network and the unsafe network; small proxy programs provide the connection, not directly via IP packet filters. The advantage is that the own network does not have to have officially registered addresses, but the solution is less flexible and works more slowly.
 In these servers, frequently requested web pages can be stored in a cache (proxy cache) so that they can be made available quickly. A step in the direction of anonymity that can be set in the browser (under preferences: manual proxy setting, or internet options).

Use of Proxy Servers
Within companies, proxy servers are used to control the networks. Proxy servers can be used for securing networks. By means of a proxy, sites that cannot be visited, for example, can be excluded. In the private environment, proxy servers are often used to be able to surf anonymously. Proxy servers are used for legal and illegal purposes

Proxy Servers in Corporate Networks
Within corporate networks, the proxy server is often seen as part of a gateway server that separates the internal company network from external networks. In addition, a firewall keeps the network closed for intruders. A proxy server can use the same hardware as the firewall server but can also use a separate server and send requests to the firewall.

Proxy servers use a cache to display internet users web pages. If a proxy server receives a request and finds a previously downloaded web page in the cache, the cache is used without the internet being used. If the page is not available in the cache, an application is made to the server on the internet using the IP address on the proxy. Once the site is loaded, the proxy will send the visitor to the site. The proxy is invisible to the user, and the cache can reduce the response time.

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