What is a vape party?

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What is a vape party?

Nov 1, 2018, 3:28:21 AM News

Vaping is a new trend that is gradually replacing traditional smoking. Gone are the days when people smoked, and the smell of tobacco was written over their bodies. Now, with e-cigars, people have found a way to smoke great flavors and drastically reduce their smoking habits. Research reveals that vaping is far less dangerous than traditional smoking.

A vape party is a party with lots of vaping smoke and flavors in the air. It is gathering friends together to chill, play games and instead of cigarettes, vapes are used. Apart from the food or snacks that accompany vape parties, there are some activities that you can carry out to make your vape party a memorable one. But first, let's look at some good reasons you should organize a vape party.

Reasons you should organize a Vape Party

Here are some good reasons you should consider organizing a vape party.

1. You will be seen as one who is trendy and thinks outside the box. Trendy because vape parties are still gaining and receiving some acceptance and because of the creativity you will put into it, you will be seen as one who thinks outside the box. You won't be doing the norm.

2. You will be creating a rich atmosphere. Not everyone loves the smell of tobacco when they party. In the place of that, you will be replacing it with the pleasant aromas of the vape flavors.

3. You will build bond and friendship.

Think about hosting a vape party for your old college friends. You will be bringing back good old memories and at the same time creating a lasting bond that will last beyond the party.

Things you will need to host a successful vape party.

Here are a few things you must have or consider before sending out invitations for your vape party.

1. A Vaporizer

With a vaporizer, your party is sure to have lots of smoke. Even if your friends are coming with their e-cigars, with a big vaporizer, you can get your party friends inhaling great flavors in the air.

2. The Food

Snacks are best for vape party. Providing snacks for your vape party keeps the party going for long. You don't have to get strong foods, just provide some munchies like pizza, popcorns and other crispy food. You can also decide to make available chocolate, especially for your female folks.

3. The Drinks

Drinks are very important for parties. A vape party will not be complete without keeping some soft drinks or as recommended as your kind of friends. You don't want to keep your friends dried out in the flavored smoke.

4. The Activities

A vape party must not be boring; there have to be lots of activities for the party to be fun. There should be lots of dance and lots of music. If funds are tight, the party can be done close to a swimming pool. You can also include some board games to keep your friends entertained.

5. Sleeping bags or beds

Some friends might decide to sleep over and so you must make provision for them to have sleeping bags and some pillows. Your friends will be grateful you made such provision for them to crash till the next morning. You will also be saving a life if alcohol was shared at the party.


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