Why Businesses Should Use Type II Wallcoverings on Their Walls

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Why Businesses Should Use Type II Wallcoverings on Their Walls

Jul 28, 2020, 12:57:07 PM Life and Styles

When building out a corporate or public space that will be experiencing a high volume of traffic on a regular basis, many interior designers opt-in for using Type II commercial wallcoverings for a few reasons. Because they offer a durable solution for the basic wear and tear you see in commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels and educational institutions, type II commercial wallpapers keep maintenance and upkeep costs down while being visually decorative at the same time.

The last thing you want to see in your newly designed commercial space is for your wallpaper to quickly deteriorate, here are a few reasons why type II commercial wallcoverings are the number one choice for many architects, contractors and interior designers around the world.

Thickness and Durability

The largest advantage to using type II wallcoverings to decorate your business’ walls is its thickness. Unlike the thinner type I wallpaper, which is generally only reserved for residential use, type II is more stiff and solid which impedes its ability to break down and rip quickly.

Cleanliness and Washability

Cleanliness is also a major advantage of decorating a communal space with Type II wallcoverings. In its construction, type II starts at around 20 oz per linear yard and is coated with a thicker vinyl layer before a lighter weight residential wallpaper also known as the “design layer.” By just running your hand across both types, you’ll notice a distinct difference in thickness and overall strength. This added weight allows for greater scrub and washability and holds up against different types of cleaning products which is especially crucial in commercial settings like hospitals and restaurants.

Fire Safety

Of course, the most important aspect of using type II commercial wallcovering is overall safety. Every area in which large groups of people will be passing through or congregating must adhere to specific fire codes and what you choose to dress your walls with is of massive significance. In the event of a fire, the density of a commercial wallcovering will help curtail the rapid spread of flames and smoke allowing for valuable extra time when exiting from the space safely while also reducing damage. In essence, choosing a type II wallcovering for your business may literally save someone’s life.

But just because type II wallcoverings are suggested for their endurance, the many options on the market don’t make your space feel sterile or utilitarian. Whatever scenario, the options for commercial wall covering designs remain vast, allowing you to create a space that is tough, but still visually pleasing. Check out the immense collections by brands like Koroseal and Seabrook for the best selection of type II wallcoverings around.

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