Why I Am Plus Size and Proud

I was not always comfortable being a curvy girl.  Growing up, I was always chubbier than other girls my age.  I never really took notice to it until a classmate started bullying me.  He would call me fat and tease me.  I remember it getting to a point where we got called into the principal's office and we were both talked to because apparently I was disruptive when I tried to stand up for myself.  I really tried to not let it bother me.  As I got older, I started to worry that boys wouldn't be interested in me.  In high school, some of my friends had boyfriends, so I decided to date the first guy who asked because I was concerned another wouldn't come along.  I sadly made that mistake pretty often, even into my college years, and those guys turned out to be jerks.  It wasn't until after I graduated from college that I realized regardless of what people saw on the outside, I was funny, smart, loving, and a good person who deserved better.  That's when I really decided to start loving who I am as a person, inside and out.  

I know that there is some backlash against the "fat acceptance movement" and I don't understand why.  Yes, people who are obese are more susceptible to certain illnesses.  No one is arguing that.  What we are fighting for is for others to accept us the way WE see ourselves.  We know we have flaws.  I hate my arms, which is why I wear shrugs over tank tops and sleeveless dresses 99% of the time.  But knowing I have flaws does not mean I don't like myself.  There are always things I can work on but being me has gotten me to where I am today.  I have a husband who loves me, a good job, and a family who supports me.  

Plus size acceptance is being proud of who you are and noticing a little extra sway in your hips when you know you are looking fiiiine that day.  It's a more confident way of carrying yourself that spills over into how you interact with others on a daily basis.  It's a community of other people that understand what your journey has been like and know how hard it is to like yourself in a world that wants to shoot you down.  Because at the end of the day, loving yourself is the basis for any healthy relationship.


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