A typical middle class family and their daughter’s 23rd birthday celebration had just ended and the very next day, people load her with questions about marriage. Why? She just completed her studies; at least let her live her life on her terms and conditions for few years. But no, beta, tumhari shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai, log kya kahenge, is all she gets. Why dude why?

These initial 23 years she concentrated on her studies, listening to her parents and suddenly you want to give her no time and get her married. Really? Before marriage, she is all into her studies, and after marriage she’ll be asked to take care of husband, -in laws, etc. etc. When does she get time to live her life for herself? Why does every girl after completing her studies becomes a “bhoj” for some people. Why is a boy not asked to get married as soon as he completes his studies? Why is he asked to settle down in his career and earn good money? Why can’t a girl concentrate on her career, if she wants to? In anyway, even if she is working after marriage, she would be helping her husband in the finances and not just show off. Because, ultimately, it is her life that would get difficult with handling home, husband, -in laws, children and the job. Why would she take up so much stress if she wants to show off her money? The soul reason being that she wants to help her husband and have an identity, and utilize what all she has studied in all these years. What is the point of her going for higher education , if she can’t do a thing that makes her happy? Are these degrees of hers’ only for marriage advertisements?

This is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments but no matter how westernized these people get with their dressing, standard of living, but the mentality would remain the same. She is done with her studies; let’s find a husband for her!

Marriage changes passion, suddenly you’re in bed with a relative! -Unknown

Published by Shweta Aggarwal