Younique, I Quit!!

Younique, I Quit!!

In this post I am going to give you a few reasons why I have decided to quit Younique.

For those of you that do not know what Younique is, allow me to explain. Younique is a company that sells makeup and skin care products. They infuse their products with natural minerals that helps your skin in the long run. Their product would be considered high end products because of the price. Along with this, you can become a Younique Individual Presenter. Which means you can get some commission off of the products that you sell to other people. There is a pyramid of promotions that you have to climb in order to make more money and have a bigger commission increase. In order to keep your Individual Presenter account active you have to make $125 USD in Personal Retail Sales (PRS) in three months. Seems totally easy!!

Well, It's not!!  Which leads me to the first reasons I cannot continue with Younique. Honestly, $125 USD in three months doesn't seem like a lot. So one would think that you could make that in one facebook party. I have actually hosted 4 or 5 facebook parties. For myself and other people. No one would buy anything. I have actually had to purchase products myself in order to keep my account active. I'm not sure if it's because the products are too expensive, or if people are just unsure about the company and products in general.

Going off the idea of the products being too expensive, the products are pretty pricey. Let's compare the price of the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundations with some of my favorite high-end foundations. The Younique foundation that I just mentioned is $39 USD. The Make Up Forever Matte Velvet foundation is also $39 USD. The Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is also $39 USD. Even though these foundation are all the same price there is one huge difference: Younique isn't very well known in the beauty community. Which is why I think part of the problem is that people are unsure about the company and the products.

It is also very difficult to get people to set up an online facebook party. Even though all they have to do is say "Sure! I will definitely host an Online Facebook Party for you!" and interact  with you in the party, no one wants to do it. Even if there are benefits for them. The only time I ever got someone to let me host an online party for them was because I literally bribed them with a full size product of their choice between a pigment, eyeliner, and lip liner. Even then I only got one person to respond from that. And again, it was the same thing where the people the person invited to the event didn't want to buy anything or interact with anything I posted. I don't know how people do actual in home parties!!

The last reason I had to quit Younique is because it was not for me. It's one thing to work a part-time retail job in the mall and another thing to try to sell makeup products yourself! At my part-time job I do pretty well at selling the products to people. However, not everyone is as into makeup as you think they are. Even the girls that wear the most amount of makeup, literally their makeup is on point, doesn't even want to try Younique. I think this is because Younique is very expensive for a brand that is not very well known.

Honestly, some of the products are worth having. Like the brow pencil, the brow gel and the eye pigments. Though, there are some other products that I simply do not think is worth the money. When you try so many other high-end brands that are the same price as Younique and it is better quality. It's a no brain-er which one you are going to go with!

have you played with Younique products or sold Younique before? What are your thoughts on this company?


Alicia Dawn

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