Raging flame

Raging flame

Mar 10, 2016, 5:00:00 AM Life and Styles


Sounds awesome right? well life in prison doesn't and often anger can lead to that or in most cases lost of a loved one. No I didn't mean kill them, but hurting feelings is almost as bad.. Almost. So I'm going to discuss some ways to use it productively and use myself and my examples to give you a first hand way I discovered myself. Feel free to tell me some ways you've learned to deal with anger.


Hobbies which can include sports are a fantastic way to control rage, I personally had a passion for mixed martial arts and would practice literally from dawn to dusk to get stronger. Whenever I felt like quitting I would use anger built up, not as motivation but as energy. Anger doesn't always give you strength or speed sometimes it just plain and simple energy but that energy could help you accomplish that extra mile jog you've been thinking about. It also kills your appetite which is not only healthy you'll feel energized.


Meditation, before any jokes are made do not start humming and saying nonsense. The traditional way is to sit in a quiet nice open space and clear your mind feel the rage almost evaporate as you feel your inner peace surface. As you do this you'll learn to use it in a way to adapt to your surroundings. I would be in a loud space like school, office anywhere and hear nothing it is bliss for those who anger easy or those who dislike noise of everyday life.


Counting, personally each number made me a little more angry then the last but for some I heard this is effective. Count to 10 and every number is a reason to smile like butterflies, or the fact you're still alive to be angry. Around the time you reach 10 you should be completely happy again and relaxed. For those of you not very good with numbers.. I deeply and humbly apologize.



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