Is The Scribble Pen Real

Is The Scribble Pen Real

May 4, 2021, 12:08:16 AM Business

The Scribble Pen, described as "the last pen you'll ever need to buy," promises that you can scan and scan colors by touching the RGB color sensor built into the top of the pen to color objects. Imagine you could write, draw and draw with the ink that comes from your pen. They say you can replicate any color, but how do you imagine that?


According to the product's website, the ink is water-resistant, does not fade in the presence of water and is water-resistant for up to two years.


The world's first pen capable of replicating 16 million different colors will soon be launched and is called Scribble. The high-tech pen works like a real Photoshop dropper or toolscribble and can scan colors from objects, instantly transform its ink into matching colors and instantly turn them into ink. It uses LED lights to illuminate and capture the color of an object and converts it into ink in seconds.


The Scribble is designed for all those who need the ability to easily and quickly reproduce colors, as well as artists, photographers, designers and other artists. 


You can also scan and draw instantly with the colors you see on an object, and use the pen as a color sensor, changing the color of the ink accordingly. Children will love the Scribble because it can produce a variety of different colors, completely replacing the need for a traditional ink pen or even a pen with a separate ink cartridge.


There are not many technical details about the pen, and I could not find anything suspicious in the press release or email, but what I read was enough to convince me that this pen is fiction. I recently found out that a pen that is currently in development may be genuine, and that miniaturization technology may not be available until today. It seems that the Scribble Pen, a new type of ink pen with color sensor, could just be real.


As for crowdfunding campaigns, my grandmother seems to be right, something seems probably too good to be true, even if it's just a rumor. 


When the Scribble Pen launched on Kickstarter in August, it promised to try out the colors of the earth and then splash them on the tablet's screen depending on the version. Following concerns from donors and potential backers, Kickstarter stepped in and asked the creators of Scribbles to submit a more detailed video within 24 hours showing exactly how the pen should work. Instead of posting a video, the makers simply took their campaign from Kickstarter and moved it to Tilt, another crowdfunding platform. 


The product tripled its goal and reached its crowdfunding goal within five hours, but Scribble Technology canceled funding after Kickstarter requested a more graphic video to demonstrate the device. 


A new launch is underway, a date has yet to be confirmed, but the product will be "new - introduced," without a more detailed video.


Some devices that could change the way we draw have been launched on Kickstarter in recent years. In May, we funded a pen that allows users to draw solid 3D shapes in mid-air, and on one day last February, a "3D drawing" attracted nearly $500,000 from backers. San Francisco - Scribble Technology has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its "Scribble Pen" on Kickstarter. The device can be printed, but is only available in a limited number of colors and costs $100. 


The pen can scan colors into an object and reproduce those colors with a doodling pen and print them in 3D on paper.


The instructions are simple to hold the scanner and store the colors in its internal memory for one to two seconds. Once the color is saved, you can then use it to draw on paper or even on a digital screen. Just hold down the pen and press the scanner to save and print color. 


The Scribble is designed for anyone who needs a way to reproduce colors quickly and easily and print them on paper or digital screens in a variety of formats. 


Children will love doodling because it can create a variety of different colors without having to completely replace their favorite colors like red, blue, yellow, green or blue. It also allows you to scan and draw instantly with any color you see on an object. If you have matched the color of the object, whether it is a piece of paper, a pencil, a pencil or even a paper towel, you only need to hold the pencil on its surface for a few seconds and you are done. 

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