How to create a google analytics account and what is the benefit of it

How to create a google analytics account and what is the benefit of it

Google Analytics is very important for digital marketing. Through Google Analytics, it is known that how much traffic is there on the website. This is Google's free tool. Please login to Google before opening Google Analytics. Then you click this link google analytics signup.

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Some such windows will open in front of you and you click on the set for free button.

Now you will have the page open of the creation account. Where you will have to fill in the account name. such as the website name. 

After this, you click on the Next button.

After this, 3 options will come for setup

1- web

2- App

3- Web and App

To see website traffic, click on the web, to see the traffic of the application, click on the app and to see traffic on both, click on web & App. Then click on the Next button.

Then a form will open in front of you where you fill in the property name, industry category, reporting time zone, and click on the create button.

Then you click on I accept.

If you have a website, just click on the web. A popup will open on the right. Fill in your website name and URL and click on the create stream button.

Then you click your URL on the data stream page.

click on Global Site Tag (gtag.js).  Copy the code of Google Analytics and go to your website and paste it inside the head tag.

Google Analytics is fully setup. And you can easily see the traffic on your website.

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