7 Tips to Ensure Riding Safety for Long Trips in the Philippines

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7 Tips to Ensure Riding Safety for Long Trips in the Philippines

Jan 19, 2021, 12:45:55 PM Life and Styles

Planning to go on a long-distance road trip on your motorcycle in the Philippines? Here are 7 tips that you need to know before getting started. These are collected from the combined knowledge and experience of experience riders have been riding motorcycles for several years now. So, instead of learning the hard way, take a few moments to go through these simple tips and stay safe on your trips!  


Wear all riding safety gears 

Always where all of your riding safety kids when you are riding a motorcycle, or any other 2 Wheeler for that matter. The dangers on the roads lurk at every corner, and despite how comprehensively you plan to stay safe, you can never completely eliminate the factor of human error. That is why it is always recommended to stay prepared for mishaps and accidents by wearing the best quality motorcycle premium helmets, and other riding safety gears including gloves, jackets and boots. If you have not compiled the complete set of writing safety gears yet, we recommend you to take some moment, gather some money and give yourself the complete protection of riding safety gears because these can make the difference between life and that in certain situations. And when you're going on a long-distance road trip, you don't want the concern of safety nagging at the back of your mind.  


Plan refueling intervals 

People usually do not associate fuel after motorcycle with safety, but it please a vital role especial if you think about its need to reach the destination on time. Consider this scenario. You run out of fuel in the middle of the right, with significant amount of distance to cover, with no fuel pumps in sight – and it has already become dark! When you are at a strange location in the Philippines, with nobody you know to come to your aid, this is definitely an unsafe situation. So, always plan the entirety of the destination properly and strategically put refilling stations along the way in your plan so that fuel tank is never lower than a quarter of its capacity at any moment.  


Keep an eye on the weather 

Weather in the Philippines can change drastically in the blink of an eye. How the weather plays out can have a direct impact on your riding safety. If you're going to ride in snowy, muddy or inclement weather conditions, not only do you have to protect yourself from the weather, but also prepare the motorcycle in such a way that it is capable of handling the difference in weather condition. For example, for wet and muddy conditions, you need an appropriate set of tires that can provide better traction on the road. Similarly for icy conditions, you need tires that have better grip made of softer material so that it can grip on the surface better irrespective of the presence of ice, or snow. there are many mobile phone applications that you can install and keep an eye on the evolving weather condition especially when you are on the road completing a multi-day road trip.  


Ride with a buddy 

If this is your first time going on a long distance road trip on motorcycle, consider going with somebody you trust. It is always a good idea to have a buddy ride along with you not only because it gives you the mental strength of having somebody by your side, but also the practicality of sharing the problems and brainstorming solutions if you happen to find yourself in one! One great way to find riding buddies is to join a motorcycle riding club where you can find like-minded people looking for partners to go on long-distance trips. You can also checkout social media platforms where motorcyclists and avid tourers share their information, and you can contact them to plan a ride. Last but not the least, reach out to your friends and find out if anybody has been looking forward to go on a road trip on their two-wheelers, and if you can join them to.  


Use signals everybody understands 

When you are using signals on the road, make sure that do signals are universal and people everywhere can understand them properly. Do not use any hand signals that only people in your locality no and useful stop this becomes even more important when you are going on international road trips across international borders, where the convention of signalling might be completely different from what you are used to. That can get you into trouble, and create the problem of miscommunication between riders. So, instead of using hand signals, used electronic signals and always make sure to check the rear view mirrors before making a lane change. You might also want to take some time come and talk to local riders in the Philippines and find out what common signals they use.   


Never race 

Racing on the public roads is never a safe idea! So even if you feel threatened or challenged by somebody who just overtook you at high speeds, let it go, and don't chase them. It is very easy to be drawn into a challenge when you're writing long distances with nothing to focus on come out keep you distracted from the boredom of sitting on the motorcycle for several hours at an end. so whenever the opportunity for a race presents itself, riders make a mistake of grabbing it by the collars! stay calm and composed, and focus on reaching the destination safely.  


Overtake on the driver’s side 

Whenever you are making an overtaking manoeuvre, always do it on the driver side. Across the world, the position of the driver inside the car can vary from left to right depending on the country you are currently riding in. Make sure to check the position of the car driver, in the United Kingdom, India another Commonwealth countries the driver’s position is usually on the right hand side. But when you're riding in the United States, and most parts of the world commander rider is sitting on the left side of the car. As a motorcyclist, all you have to do is overtake on the side where the driver is seated so that he or she can see you overtaking in the rear-view mirror and not make a sudden lane change decision! 

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