How to get free Instagram followers?

How to get free Instagram followers?

Jun 23, 2021, 1:49:28 AM Tech and Science

Do you want to discover the secrets that will allow you to have free Instagram followers? Keep reading this article to find all the tips that will help you do this!

Join the right conversations

On Instagram, there is always something interesting going on. It's worth researching every now and then what's trending in your industry. Probably you will find quite easily conversations between users who make use of certain hashtags which are important in your field. If so, copy them and use them in your posts. This will make your posts more visible to everyone, and put your Instagram profile at the center of attention with this trend.

Indeed, users who search for these hashtags will be able to discover your content more easily. The use of relevant hashtags is crucial to increase the visibility of your account and don't forget: it will especially be the first impression that counts for your future followers!

Give importance to hashtags

Before you use a hashtag, first think about all the other options out there. Some hashtags are not very effective. The choice of hashtag must still reflect the style of your publications, as well as the reputation of your company or brand. There are certain hashtags that reflect your creativity. It is also possible to incorporate hashtags in each Instagram story. Take this into account before planning your posts!

Promotion is essential

There is no equal to Instagram when it comes to brand promotion. On the other hand, success will not come alone: ​​you will always have to find the best ways to attract users to your Instagram profile. So don't hesitate to promote your account to get more subscribers on Instagram.

Be strategic with your bio URL

Your bio URL can contain interesting information and redirect users who visit your page to a location of your choice. Since space is limited, you will have to think carefully about the kind of content you want to promote there. It would be best to put a link there that leads to the home page of your Instagram account. Nothing prevents you from changing your bio later and adding more interesting content

Use influencers to your advantage

People like to follow Instagram influencers to learn about certain topics. Indeed, influencer accounts are a real mine of information. The most important thing for you is that these influencers have tons of followers and often quite a high engagement rate. Use influencers in your influencer marketing campaigns if possible. Pay particular attention to influencers who are in the same community as you. Remember to interact with them in order to increase your own visibility.

Show your style

What attracts users is originality and authenticity. Even though some trends are really popular, users still keep looking for that unique little touch of creativity that characterizes the best Instagram profiles. It will probably take a little while to find the right recipe, but do your best to create a unique style for all of your content. It will make your videos and other posts jump out. Don't hesitate to experiment and give it your own. When Instagram users look at their news feed, they usually only get a few seconds of attention.. With huge competition, you will really have to stand out from the rest. Invest time in creating a captivating style that will be the common thread through all your posts on Instagram.

Hide tagged photos you are not proud of

Sometimes it will happen that another user tags you in a post without your knowing it. Sometimes the photos that accompany this kind of post are not very flattering. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to hide tagged photos that you are not proud of. Thus, your brand and profile will remain associated with a more positive image.

Call to action

Finally, a great way to get more followers on Instagram is to make a call to action. Just like on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, it is possible to retweet or shares a post. This allows certain messengers to be propagated very quickly across the web. You can make sharing easier by explicitly asking users to share this post. You can also link the sharing of this call to action to a competition that allows you to win a prize. People love it and that's why this kind of action helps gain more Instagram followers.

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