7 Tips to Well-Fitted Wardrobes and Bedrooms

7 Tips to Well-Fitted Wardrobes and Bedrooms

Apr 21, 2019, 7:50:05 AM Life and Styles

Regardless of the shape and size of your bedroom, you can utilize numerous ways in order to optimize the storage and space, which ensures that your bedroom is nothing short of providing you with the most relaxing environment. I will give you 6 important tips on how you can go about it.

1. Select One Side of Your Bedroom to be a Wardrobe Wall

Well fitted wardrobes and bedrooms do not only provide you with great investment in terms of providing effective storage of clothes, but they also contribute to the transformation of your room as they provide a pleasing view compared to the dressers, mismatched wardrobes, and the disorderly-placed furniture stored in your bedroom. This option makes your room to be more spacious and appear brighter.

2. Removal of the Standalone and Big Furniture

Despite the fact that standalone wardrobes and clothes-dressers present you with a cheaper option to organizing your bedroom, they usually pose a great challenge of consuming quite a space as they leave valuable and unused spaces around and above them. This is why you should consider removing them and replacing create the made-to-measure fitted furniture that is helpful in maximizing your storage and creating space for having a much brighter, tidier, and cleaner bedroom.

3. Store Seasonal Accessories and Clothes in Other Rooms

You may be having a serious crisis in terms of space in your bedroom. Therefore, you may need to consider using other rooms for keeping Summer dresses and bikini in Winter and books and Winter coats during the Summer seasons.

4. Looking for Unused and Hidden Spaces

In most of our bedrooms, there are more crannies and nooks that we often tend to overlook. These unused and hidden spaces will always provide you with additional storage. These may include the shelves that are situated above the door of your bedroom, as well as the wall to floor bookshelves that we use to display and organize a number of our items. Therefore, it is important that you look around your bedroom, and scan for spaces in the room that can provide you with spaces you can utilize to store some of your items and have an incredibly organized room.

5. Organize the Wardrobe for Optimal Space Utilization

In this regard, you need to organize the wardrobe so that any unused space finds something to put in. For example, in case you have so many shoes that you require proper storage, creating a section in the wardrobe so that you can be able to pull a shoe rack can be greatly helpful. You may also decide to incorporate jewelry storage or vanity table within the wardrobe.

6. Reduction of your Bed Size

It is everyone’s desire to have a super bed that is probably king-sized. But truth be told, some of our bedrooms may not be large enough to accommodate such huge beds, and thus it can only be fair if your bedroom is not filled by a single bed. As such, it is advisable to opt to have a smaller double bed instead of the king-sized one. This option creates some space in your bedroom. Alternatively, you may get yourself a bed that has storage boxes and drawers underneath for creating more space.

7. Use of a Day Bed or Sofa Bed in the Spare Rooms

In deciding to utilize a day bed or a sofa bed in your spare rooms can be a very affordable option and a clever idea, which makes your spare room an ideal place where you can host your guests. More importantly, the room may be usable for other functions such as hobby room, kids den, or even an office. By so doing, you are creating more valuable space on the floor that can be used in different ways.

Our bedrooms have different sizes and shapes. For instance, you may find challenges in finding storage in bedrooms that have eaves. In such a circumstance, use the eaves to your advantage by creating storages into the eaves. The bottom line is to utilize the higher storage areas for things you do not have to frequently access, while storing the items you use on a daily basis in the compartments that are lowly located. I hope these tips give you a better idea of organizing your bedroom and wardrobes regardless of the size of your room.


Published by Asheer Raza

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