Top 5 Items To Baby Proof A Nursery

Top 5 Items To Baby Proof A Nursery

Oct 29, 2018, 5:15:21 PM Life and Styles

Owning a nursery is one of the best businesses in today’s time. As most of the parents are employed and find it difficult to look after their babies, they often search for the nearest nurseries, and that is the reason why we can discover nurseries near almost every residential neighborhood today.


Even though running a nursery may sound like a tension-free business, it is indeed one of the most challenging businesses out there. First of all, there are strict regulations to get a nursery license and moreover the responsibility of taking care of someone else’s babies is a challenge by itself.


If you are planning on starting a nursery, then it is essential that you take adequate measures to baby proof the nursery. This not only helps in getting over with the licensing procedure quickly but also makes sure that babies in your nursery are always away from any danger.


If you are in search of how to baby proof a nursery, then today we bring you a list of the top 5 items that you must install to make sure that your nursery is 100 percent secure for babies.


Top 5 Items to Baby Proof a Nursery




Nightlights are small dim lights that can be placed near the cradle or bed where the babies are sleeping. Nightlights for toddlers help them keep calm during night sleeps. Also it is helpful if in case you need to change the diaper of a baby, you do not have to light up the entire room and wake everyone up.


Make sure that the nightlight you buy does not have any open unhidden wires as babies may try to chew them when they see it.


Smoke Detectors


Smoke Detectors are essential for a nursery. You do not want to be late in detecting fire or smoke in your nursery, especially when you have babies around you. Make sure to use a certified carbon monoxide detector when purchasing a smoke detector.


Also, when installing a detector, try to fit in such a way that the setup of smoke detectors covers the entire range of the nursery.


Along with smoke detectors, it is also essential that you have an ample number of fire extinguishers available so that in the case of a fire, you can detect and put out the fire immediately.


Drawer and Cabinet Latches


Babies usually begin crawling by the age of 8 months, and they tend to touch and taste anything that is on their way. Therefore, make sure to use cabinet and drawer latches to close any cabinet or drawer that is placed in the nursery.


Doorstops and Door Holders


Other crucial items that every nursery should have are door holders and doorstops. You do not want babies to get hurt while playing with the door or while crawling around. Doorstops and Door Holders prevents doors from opening and closing all the way and thus will protect babies from getting hurt.


Safety Plugs for Electric Outlets


Make sure that all the unused electric outlets are covered with safety plugs. Some electrical outlets are big enough for baby fingers to go inside them.


Also, while choosing appliances for your nursery, pick the ones on which you can hide the extra cord. If any visible electric cords are present, try to protect them out of sight and reach of babies.


Final Words


We have tried to include the essential products that every nursery must have to make sure that they are entirely baby proof. If you wish to add any more valuable items to this list, then feel free to mention your product of choice as a comment below.

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