Changing the Rules of Christmas

Changing the Rules of Christmas

Oct 26, 2016, 2:07:43 AM Life and Styles

Christmas has gone tech people.


Babies with ipads, tweens with smart phones and the 80 inch tv for Dad. Moms want the newest coffee maker out there. I’ve got a confession.

I’m sick of it.

All I want is to go back to the real meaning of Christmas. A time when gifts are few and full of thoughts and care. Everyone hanging out in their pjs all day, watching silly Christmas movies and eating way too much food. This year my husband and I pledge to do just this. We discussed being as frugal as possible this year and have come up with a few great ways to do this (thanks Pinterest!):

  1. Sibling Gift Exchange: Usually our limit is around $50 and many of the siblings gravitate towards gift cards. Specifically gift cards to the liquor store. Personally, I hate giving gift cards for the lack of thought that goes into them; however I’ve also been guilty because it seems to be better received by the teens in the family. Well this year – no more! We’ve put a limit of $15 limit and some element must be handmade. I’m SO excited; I generally make at least a couple of gifts each year so this is definitely up my alley. I’m headed out to the local Dollarstore to get supplies and this bitch is getting crafty!!
  2. Gifts for our Daughter: This is arguably the first year that our daughter will get her perception of what Christmas should be about. We want to instill in her that Christmas is not about what gifts you get, but the company you keep. Christmas has become SO expensive this day in age – honestly who can keep up?! I hate going (further) into debt over the holidays because I get nervous that my gifts will be looked down upon. Not anymore. My daughter will learn to appreciate the gifts she is given, and to value spending time with family above all else. We have agreed to four main gifts for our daughter this year, something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need. We will also do a stocking and a small gift from "Santa". This way we are setting a precedent, and not putting ourselves in a situation where we are trying to one up ourselves from the previous year's gifts. 
  3. Gifts for each other: This year we will focus on spending our time together. We do not need to spend a great deal of money on gifts for each other to show that we care. We will be happy to spend the time together, to relax and enjoy seeing the reactions our daughter gives us when opening her gifts.  A single gift for each other will suffice, with stocking stuffers of the practical sort. 
  4. Preparing the large Feast: Every year we visit with family over multiple days, driving all over the place, eating large massive meals and gaining weight just by thinking about dinner. Partly because of the way the holidays fall this year, we actually have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day all at home – no travel involved! We are all super excited about this. Spending all day in our pjs, watching movies and spending time together as a family. Not having to rush around to get from place to place will be a great relief. We are planning to spend Christmas Day with my Sister-in-law and her family in our pjs, eating whatever meal we decide to make. We may do a full blown turkey dinner or we may cook frozen pizzas. Who cares what we eat as along as we are enjoying our time together! 

I challenge everyone to take some time this year to take a moment, take a deep breath and appreciate those around you. Christmas is a time for family, to cherish loved ones and eat eat eat!  

Published by Ashley Anderson

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