MAGICAL Street Food of SE Asia

MAGICAL Street Food of SE Asia

There's nothing better than a delicious meal. And while traveling? It's by far one of the best things to do while you're exploring the globe. Sure - there's plenty of amazing restaurants out there but if you want to experience the local culture at it's finest? It's all about the street food.

In most places, cities and regions around the world you can always find local vendors on the street selling food. It can be a bit intimidating if you aren't quite sure what it is they're preparing - but generally - if you just give it a try, it's always worth it.

Another perk about street food from vendors is that it's usually very cheap! Not to mention - you get to watch your food be prepared right in front of you. You really can't beat it. It really lets you taste the local culture's flavors and cooking preparation that a restaurant just can't offer.

Personally - I love meat skewers. In places like Thailand you can always find vendors offering up many pieces of meat or fish on a stick. Just pick out what you want - pay a very minimal price - and your taste buds are in heaven.

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Another wonderful street food item in SE Asia? Soups! There are stands everywhere that are making homemade soups ranging from noodle soups to coconut broth soups. These soups fill you up and usually you’ve only spent less than $1 USD. Incredible! Wraps and sandwiches are another easy thing to spot in the street. My personal favorite? Chicken wraps in Bangkok!


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And if it’s sweets or drinks you’re craving? Have no fear because you can find those too! Teas, coconut drinks, smoothies, coffee - anything you could ever want. Then there’s crepes, waffles, homemade pastries. You’re sure to find something you love.


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So next time you’re traveling in SE Asia - or anywhere for that matter - try something you’ve never tried before! Try a street food vendor - and I promise - you won’t be disappointed.



Published by Ashley Brewer

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