Does Proper Road Maintenance Mean Safer Roads?

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Does Proper Road Maintenance Mean Safer Roads?

Aug 26, 2021, 9:22:13 AM Business

Road infrastructure is a crucial public asset. It gives society a medium to access their education, job, health, and connect socially. It also makes an important contribution to the economic growth of the country. The maintenance of roads is very important and it is the responsibility of the government. However, there are some roadways available that are not a part of public property. If you have such roadways in your commercial or residential area then you need to maintain the same.

However, with time and usage, road infrastructure often deteriorates, requiring maintenance. The condition of the road may look acceptable from the outside but may be life-threatening from the inside. In fact, a survey shows that road work is essential to preserve the safety of the people.

Can poorly maintained roads cause accidents?

According to some research, more than 1.1 million car crashes take place every year due to road traffic. Also, one of the main reasons contributing to the effect is the poorly maintained road surface. 

But when we carry out proper road work, the roads are much safer. A well-maintained road can save your life while you drive because you will never lose control over the car. This also means there is less chance of collision leading to fewer injuries and reduced risk of fatality.

Benefits of carrying road work

1. Road work helps to make the road surface smooth, which will give a comfortable ride. This means it will also help the transporter to deliver the goods safely without any breakage and also save the vehicles get damaged from big potholes.

2. You can communicate easily and you can reach your destination faster if the roads are well maintained. The obstacles affect the public by creating traffics and breaking down their vehicles. As a result, they often reach work late, exposing them to huge losses. But this case can be avoided through regular road work and maintenance. 

3. It also helps road users save a lot of money that they would have to incur expenses to fix their vehicle. Every year a large part of the income is spent on fixing vehicle damage caused by unrepaired roads. But with regular maintenance, it can be easily avoided.

Different types of issue that can be fixed from road maintenance

Road work can come in different forms, but the main focus is to keep the road safe and free from all the issues. Also, regular maintenance help preventing minor issues from converting into major ones. Some of the common issues caused by poor maintenance are as follows:

Road potholes

Blocked drains or gullies in the road

Road with poor surfacing

No or defective maintenance hole covers on the pavement

No or defective street nameplates

Wrong or misleading road signs

Uneven roads and footways

Overgrown grass on public landings

Apart from the problems mentioned above, there are many more issues that can be solved through regular road work. Focusing on the betterment of the road will provide widespread benefits to people. It will not only help in saving current assets, but it will also reduce future costs for road users, local citizens, road owners, and taxpayers.


From the above discussion, it is very clear that road maintenance is important to preserve its assets. It helps in improving the economic condition as well as for social development. But as there are many road constructors available in the market, it is essential to check the comprehensive portfolio of each one. It will ensure you get the best road work and a longer lifespan.

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