The New Tomb of Amascut Raid

The New Tomb of Amascut Raid

Sep 29, 2021, 6:41:20 AM Entertainment

What you can expect

A new raid is coming to OSRS! Well, it’s going to be in beta for testing, and it has to be accepted through the polls first. However, a new raid is always exciting news, and it comes with a new quest and new equipment. Depending on how the new equipment is received, it can be a good source of OSRS gold when selling them to interested players.

At any rate, here are all the announced details about the new raid and its rewards.

Some Background on the Tomb of Amascut

The Kharidians were once a prosperous civilization, borne from the benevolence of their Menaphite Pantheon. The people lived in luxury and prospered, but good things never last long. Their Goddess of Rebirth, Amascut, became corrupted and warped her purpose into the Devourer. Now intent to devour all life, she seeks the power of an ancient pharaoh.

Fortunately, her brother Icthlarin and her former High Priestesses kept her from her ambitions. However, if she gets her hands on the pharaoh’s power, she’ll be successful in completing her objective. You, as the player, have to take the fight to her before she can fend off her brother and succeed in devouring each and every soul.

Players can group up into teams of 8 to tackle this raid. There are four challenges to complete, somewhat like puzzle bosses to weaken them first before fighting in a conventional encounter. Completing those unlocks the way to fight the final twin bosses. Depending on the order you do the first four bosses, it can change the raid drastically. The order in which you defeat them will matter, as it can make the rest easier or harder for you.

It’s not going to have a difficulty setting but will use the Invocation system. The invocations will modify the raid in various ways, such as increasing the damage or health of the enemies or putting restrictions on the players. The devs are planning to be creative with this, so expect harder modifications in the real thing.

The Quest

Because this raid has a focus on the narrative, it wouldn’t be complete without a quest to unlock it. Its title is ‘Beneath Cursed Sands’ and is a Master-level quest. If you mind a few spoilers, you can skip to the next paragraph. The requirements for the quest would be: completing the quest Contact!, 62 Agility, 55 Firemaking, and 55 Smithing. After completing it, you’ll be awarded 1 Quest Point, access to the raid, the ability to upgrade a piece of new equipment, and 15k Agility XP.

Now that the spoilers are over, the quest summary says you’ll be investigating some mysterious events happening over at Menaphos. However, the quest won’t actually allow you to enter the city just yet, even after the quest. It seems the problem lies elsewhere, anyway.

The quest will come first before the raid, giving enough time for any preparation. Better save up that OSRS GP for any supplies or gear you’ll need to get. There’s also the option to buy OSRS gold as well. At any rate, preparation is key, especially for any first-timer in the raid.

New Equipment

There’s a new set called the Masori Equipment. It consists of a Chest, Legs, and Amulet. It introduces the ‘Low Life’ effects, granting increased set bonuses when HP is at 40% and below. That’s a high-risk, high-reward build never-before-seen in OSRS!

There’s also the Heka of Tumeken and the Ward of Elindis. The former is a wand-like weapon, requiring 84 Magic to wield. It has a few unique mechanics too, such as a heavier fourth attack with a greater delay. The Ward is a new magical shield. It will require 80 Magic, Defense, and Prayer to use. Players get a tradeable broken version, whilst fixing it will make it untradeable.

The Lightbearer is a ring with no offensive bonuses. However, don’t write it off just yet. It will double the charging rate of the weapon Special Attack Bar. It’ll be useful in fights where the Special Attack would be beneficial.

Osmumten’s Khopesh is a Stab weapon with a unique accuracy calculation. It’s supposed to be great against enemies with high defense and has a similar accuracy rating to the Elder Maul.

The Keris Partisan is an enhanced version of the Keris, obtainable after the Beneath Cursed Sands quest. It’s a spear-like weapon with primarily Stab and Crush styles. It’s planned to have a jewel modification system, where players can slot jewels into it to get extra effects. They’re still considering how the players are going to get these jewels though, but it’s a new system to play with for sure.


This raid is shaping up to be an awesome one. The new rewards aren’t anything to sneeze at as well. It’s an exciting development and a new activity to do once it’s out. Of course, things can still change from what’s written here, but the general idea should be the same.

Preparations should be well underway. When lacking in supplies or gear, some would default to looking for OSRS gold for sale or OSRS accounts for sale. While that’s a convenient way of getting what’s needed, they’re putting themselves at risk by doing so.

Anyway, let’s all look forward to this new raid and all the cool new OSRS items it brings with it. Keep on enjoying your adventures in Gielinor, and have fun playing OSRS! 


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