When To Call Up An Emergency Plumber?

When To Call Up An Emergency Plumber?

Plumbing issues can become a nightmare. Often people tend to ignore minor plumbing issues and take up the charge themselves, but there are certain issues that need your immediate attention, and for it, we have to call up an emergency plumber. There are days when the bathroom overflows, the taps and faucets, and the entire sewage lines get jammed. It is only an emergency plumber who can help during that time.

Who is an emergency plumber?

So, the next question that pops up is when to call up an emergency plumbing service provider. Emergency plumbers have the right set of tools and instruments with which they solve plumbing issues within a short span of time. But what differentiates an emergency plumber from the others is that they will be available to render their services round the clock. You do not have to wait for long to book a visit. They may charge a bit higher than the others, but their in-time service can save you from unnecessary hassles. Here we will be highlighting a few of the issues that need immediate attention.

Key problems that fall in the category of emergency plumbing issues

The potential threat of flooding

Don’t take this into literal sense but flooding in the house can be a result of the main water burst. This results in uncontrolled water flow. This water can eventually damage the carpet, furniture, insulation materials of the building and furnishing The first thing that you need to do is to shut off the water supply. The 24-hour helpline of plumbers can help you with this. Sudden waterlogging and tank or drain overflowing can be a menace, for which speedy work by a plumber is extremely necessary.

Overflowing toilet

This is not a welcoming scenario in any house. Overflowing toilets can be a result of a blocked drain or clogging of the toilet. This can result in contamination because of the bacteria and viruses in the water. If you continually notice poor drainage in the toilet or overflowing becomes a regular norm, then it's time to call up an emergency plumber.

Sewer backup

Sewer has different kinds of waste products; a backup can result in mad odor, musty smell, pathogens, and fumes. This can infiltrate the indoor environment, thus creating extreme health issues. Also, you have to compromise on the running water and other functioning of your bathroom. The sewer backup can be a result of broken pipe, tree root intrusion, blockage. If you encounter any of these conditions, you must immediately contact an emergency plumbing service provider.

Freezing water in the shower

You have got the best hot water system, but imagine cold water pouring down when you are in the shower. This will send chill vibes through your body. The key reason for this issue could be a problem with the hot water system. Instead of the DIY techniques that might not always work well, you must call up an emergency plumbing service provider who can visit your place and resolve the issue. So, how do you know that there is a problem with the hot water system? The common sign of damage is a rattling sound from the geyser or a thronging switch.

Clogged drains

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common problems most homeowners face. A blocked drain can result for many reasons, and if you cannot clear the blockage, you must immediately connect with a professional plumber.

In such situations, calling up an emergency plumber would be a wise move. You can now inquire about the nature of the services, warranty on the work and the registration and license of the plumber and then hire them accordingly.

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