Guide Dog vs White Cane

Guide Dog vs White Cane

Jul 8, 2016, 7:18:57 PM Life and Styles

There is always this debate between people who are blind or partially sighted, White Cane or Guide Dog ? What is truly better ? 


I am sitting here today writing this after dropping my Guide Dog off at the vet to have a tooth removed. He broke it off somehow. When I woke up this morning I had to get out my cane and just walk him to the vet (I didn't want to work him since he couldn't have any food or water). This brought back a lot of old anxiety and stress that I used to feel every time I left the house. Why what is the difference between using a cane and using a dog ? I have been sitting here trying to reflect on why ? 


The reason for me is because when using a white cane you need to run into things to find them. You walk slower, you miss more things, it takes a lot of concentration and mental work to find where you are going and get there safely. I can do it, I did for years but with my dog, I can take the harness say forward and not have to really worry until he stops at the next curb. When I want to find the door to the coffee shop I get on the block and say coffee and away we go. There is so much less stress when traveling with a Guide Dog, there is a sense of confidence that he gives me. I feel like I fumble around and look less like I am lost when I am working my Guide Dog. 


Now there is a place for a cane, there are always situations where you can not take your dog and need to use a cane but for me I prefer my Guide Dog. I am very capable with a cane and can get to where I need go but I find when I get there I am mentally exhausted and I don't miss that one bit. Having good cane skills is something I am glad that I have but hope I don't have to use very often. 


The choice of a Guide Dog or a White Cane is a very personal choice and I do not think that there is a wright or a wrong answer. Like so many decisions that we make in our lives I believe you have to make the best choice for you and your lifestyle. Just because something works for one does not mean it will work for everyone. 


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