Book Box Review: The Best Damn Book Box

Book Box Review: The Best Damn Book Box

Jul 7, 2016, 10:39:13 PM Entertainment

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you a review about a monthly book box that I receive.  This book box is called The Best Damn Book Box and it is a young adult monthly box.  In each box, you receive a highly anticipated young adult novel along with many bookish accessories from small businesses.  This is the second month that I have received this box and I just adore it.  Nicole, the owner of the business, is very personable and wraps each piece in the box separately so opening the box is like opening a present.

Price: $39.99+shipping per month


Now, there are many book boxes out there that you can choose from, but I have found that this box is the biggest bang for your buck and the most personable.  It is pricey; however, Nicole offers discount codes frequently and there are so many items in the box that the box is worth more than the money you pay for it.  Each month you will get billed on the first, but you can also pay for three or six months in advance.  If you choose one of multi-month options, you receive a huge price cut.

Each month the box is based on a different theme surrounding the book that Nicole has chosen for the month.  In February, the first box that I received was themed on "Sleeping Beauty" and provided a brand new indie novel that I just adored.  In March the box's theme was "Magical Things & Magical Beings" and that is the box that I am reviewing today.  Each box also contains a candle based on the theme or book included to enhance the reading atmosphere.  I absolutely love this, because I always read in the bathtub with a candle burning.  In the past two boxes a bath bomb and bath fizz were also included, which added to my reading atmosphere even more.

Item 1: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


This month's book choice was the highly anticipated novel "Lady Midnight" by Cassandra Clare.  I was very excited to receive this book, even though I haven't yet read the Mortal Instruments (don't shoot me).  It came wrapped in these adorable ribbons and there is a stamp on the inside with Cassandra Clare's signature, which I thought was very lovely.

Item 2: Crafting Call Book Locket


The first bookish item included was a book locket from Crafting Call of Lady Midnight.  I was very excited to receive this, because I recently reached out to Crafting Call and asked them to make me a bracelet with book lockets of my two books that I have published.  They were such a pleasure to work with and I absolutely love their keepsakes.  I am going to treasure this forever.

Item 3: Novelly Yours Candle


The third item in the box was a Lady Midnight candle by Novelly Yours.  It smells exactly like what I imagine the novel to be like.  The scents in the candle are outdoors, forest, and citrus.

Item 4: Ariel's Mermaid Ring by Sparks Emporium


The fourth item in the box was an Ariel Mermaid Ring by Sparks Emporium.  It is absolutely adorable and adjustable.  I was very happy with this ring as I am a huge fan of the little mermaid.

Item 5: Fairy Dust Bath Fizz by Enchanted Storybook Spa


The fifth item included was bath fizz from Enchanted Storybook Spa.  The scent is called Fairy Dust and smells like lavender and vanilla.  It smells delicious and is all natural.

Item 6: Dragon Button


The sixth item is a button of a dragon logo.  I think that this is going to be the new logo for the box and I absolutely love it!  It is adorable.

Item 7/8: Card and Sticker by Evie Bookish


The last two items were a card and sticker by Evie Bookish.  The quote says "Some things you learn best in calm and some in storm."  I loved how on the back of the card there was a list of all items included in the box as well as the shops where they came from.

Bonus Gift


I also received these bonus druzy earrings because I was one of the people whose box shipped late.  They are beautiful and handmade as well.

Overall, this box is just a joy to receive.  It is only a few months old and better than other boxes that I have received that are much older.  I highly urge you to check it out, even if you just try it for a month.  It will be more than worth it.

Published by Ashley Nestler

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