Book Box Review: Uppercase Box

Book Box Review: Uppercase Box

Jul 7, 2016, 10:43:48 PM Entertainment

 I wanted to share with you the first young adult book box that I had ever received.  This box is called the Uppercase Box and I have been receiving it since September 2015.  It is amazing, and all of the books that have been sent to me through this box were books that I didn't know anything about.  I liked this element of surprise, because I never know what to expect with the box.

Price: $29 (includes shipping) - multiple months can be bought at one time

In each Uppercase Box you receive a book that is signed by the author or comes with a signed bookplate and a few bookish items.  Lisa, the creator of the box, also provides a handwritten note about the book selection and why she chose the book.  She pre-reads the books she chooses, so I trust her selection since she has tried them firsthand.  You will also receive a bookmark each month that contains an interactive reading experience.  On certain pages of the book you will be asked to type in a code on the website and a new experience that goes along with the book will come up.  I personally love this, because it is like having an online book club each month.

Each item in the box is worth more the $29 fee.  The specific box that I will be reviewing is the March 2016 box.


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The first item in the box was the book of the month, "Rebel of the Sands" by Alwyn Hamilton.  The book came with a signed bookplate by the author and an interactive reading experience.  I have found this book to be very intriguing and adventurous.  It is well worth a read.


The second item included was a pair of quote earrings by JewelSugar.  These are just so adorable and rich looking.  Being a writer, I think they add some charm to my look when I wear them.  Also, they are 18k gold plated.  How extravagant is that?

Item 3: Read More Big Magnet


The next item was a Read More Big Magnet.  It is very geeky and fun to have around.  I personally keep this with all of my books.  It helps me to urge myself to read when I get stressed out about other things.

Additional Content: Interactive Reading Experience, Personal Letter, Book Decals



The last few items included in the box were the bookmark with the reading experience link, the personal letter from Lisa, and decals to go with Rebel of the Sands.  All of these items pepped up my enthusiasm for the book and the experience in the box.

Overall, this box is just a joy to get.  I love how most of the authors included in the box are first time authors and how unique all of the separate items are.  I also think that this is the most affordable book box.  I urge you to check it out and try it for at least a month.  If you are a fan of young adult literature, you won't be disappointed.

Published by Ashley Nestler

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