Book Review: Literary Bones

Book Review: Literary Bones

Literary Bones is an eclectic mix of different poetry genres, but they all come together with the dark and mysterious way that Holly Ducarte writes.  Her poems in this collection are on the creepier side, and a couple of them knocked the breath out of me by the time that I finished them.  Poetry is an excellent way to touch the reader in a small amount of time, and Ducarte has the art down.  Even though this collection is fairly small, the poems packed inside of it are powerful enough to make the collection more valuable to the reader.

However, one critique I have is that Ducarte seemed to be too focused on the rhyming of her poems.  Some of the rhymes read as though they were forced, and unfortunately ended up coming off as a bit amateurish.  If she had focused more on portraying her unique view on life and ideas, rather than rhyming, I think that this collection would have the chance to soar more than it already does.  But I enjoyed her contemporary voice, and how it stood out from the classic poets.

Published by Ashley Nestler

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